Anne Lise Bergslien Norway

 Anne Lise Bergslien Norway



I was born in 1973 in a small village in Telemark, Norway. Now I live in the city Skien, about one hour away. 

In recent years I have participated in several exhibitions in the community, and also have had some solo exhibitions.

In 2012, I was accepted in the regional Telemark exhibition, with the painting “Ønsket.” In 2014 I was accepted again with the painting “Tid for tanker.”

 In 2013 and 2014 I have had my paintings shown in several exhibitions organized by Artcom Expo International Association of Artists:

 Gallery Eclettica – Spoleto, Gallery Garard Berzzi – Nice, Gallery La Pigna – Roma, and Carrousell du Louvre – Paris

 And trough Artcom I was part of an international book release, with the book called “Artists Across Continents,” in June 2014.

I am also accepted for the next book release planned in 2015.

 From childhood I have been interested in drawing. I started painting 12 years ago, and the last 5 years I have been very dedicated.

In recent years I have also studied with the renowned artist Manfred Evertz.

 I have great pleasure in experimenting and developing myself through the paintings, using various products, techniques and media.

Inspiration comes to me from nature, moods, experiences, and everything else life has to offer. Some elements in my art I plan out before I start, but most of it comes to me in the process. The inspiration mostly comes from within, and I think it is exciting to see how paintings evolve with new ideas/impulses.

 Currently, I am working on geometric shapes where patterns/repetition recurs. I`m inspired by op-art and the optical, and use it in a more post-modern variant. 

Member of Artcom Expo International Association of Artists.


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