Edyta Dzierz, Poland

Edyta Dzierz, Poland

Artist:Edyta Dzierz, Poland

She graduated from the Painting Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw / Poland. She obtained a Diploma in painting in Professor Marian Czapla’s studio and Annexe on wall painting/techniques (fresco, mosaic, sgraffito) in Professor Edward Tarkowski’s studio (2004). She acquired additional qualifications in sculpture in Professor Gustaw Zemła’s studio (2000-2002).
The artist is present in the Rzeczpospolita Ranking ‘Young Art Compass’ in the years 2008, 2010, 2012.
She has been on the board of the Warsaw Chapter of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers (OW ZPAP, since 2010).
She co-creates interdisciplinary creative groups: Symfonia, Art Visual Dance
and the international artistic movement Artinterference
She is also the co-founder and coordinator of activities the international project Eviva l’Arte (since 2015).
She is organizer of interdisciplinary activities of the Power of Art project (since 2019).
She creates solo art projects. Initiates, organizes and participants in national and international projects/ exhibitions/ plein-airs painting promoting contemporary art.

She has Studio 23 (Pracownia 23) in Warsaw.
She practices painting, live painting, performance painting-sound-light.




In painting, references to nature are important to me. It is my wealth of diversity of allusions that provokes me!

This is where my first impulse to feel comes from. By nature, I choose a network of imagies, sounds, light and space and structure. All this causes a certain process of thinking and creating my traces, gestures, signs, energy. I associate real and abstracts references in realistic-abstract paintings with a human being entangled in it. My paintings base on strong colours, dynamic lines, layered or flat splashes of colour, rough texture / or lack thereof and modified consistency of acrylic and oil paint.

However, it is difficult to limit creativity to the implementation of a predetermined plan. Painting as a dynamic process still changes the original premise and idea. I see my paintings as fields of natural provocation, even a struggle between concept and painterly matter, a confrontation of imagination and possibilities.

White canvases always trigger in me the desire to naturally and spontaneously reveal the ‘stream of color’. How painting deviate from the original premise, how new solutions open up during work – is an important part of my work.

The expression of paintings is the result of my fascination with nature: chaos-regularity, the diversity of textures and rhythms, and non/unambiguousness. The paintings are a synthesis of my painting research aimed at creating painting compositions with a non/permanent and non/specific emotional charge.

In my work I am close to the concept of “synesthesia”. It expresses to me in the search and determination of the relationship between painting, sound and light: Performance painting – sound – light. The essence of my action is to create a “live” dynamic painting narrative using my expression and creation – this is the artistic method. I complete and merge the layers of painting and sound with light, formally and expressively.

My art is a meeting (artists and recipients, man and man), creation, improvisation and dialogue, which subconsciously activates in the audience individual and common senses, emotions and energy … – opens up to the experience of nature and art.
Edyta Dzierż



01. Edyta Dzierż LAYERS OF LIGHT AND COLOR 32 acrylic on canvas, 20×20 cm, 2021 (1)

02. Edyta Dzierż RHYTHM OF COLOR 21 acrylic on canvas, 50×50 cm, 2020

3. Edyta Dzierż LAYERS OF LIGHT AND COLOR 38 acrylic on canvas, 20×20 cm, 2021

04 Edyta Dzierż LAYERS OF LIGHT AND COLOR 33 acrylic on canvas, 50×61 cm, 2021

05. LAYERS OF LIGHT AND COLOR 7 oil, acrylic on canvas, 90×120 cm, 2021

06. Edyta Dzierż RHYTHM OF LIGHT 11 oil, acrylic on canvas, 50×60 cm, 2020

07. Edyta Dzierż NOISES oil, acrylic on canvas,100×150 cm, 2018

08. Edyta Dzierż EYE OF THE EARTH oil on canvas, acrylic,100×150 cm, 2012

09. Edyta Dzierż ECHO oil, acrylic on canvas, 100×150 cm, 2014

10. Edyta Dzierż OUT OF CHAOS… oil, acrylic on canvas, 100×150 cm, 2014

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