Krys Potter, Brazil

Krys Potter, Brazil

Artist:Krys Potter, Brazil
Krys Potter is the artistic name of Cristina Gonçalves Skrebys Martinelli, who became a plastic artist under the influence of his father Victor Skrebys, who painted and enchanted her since she was a child.
As a very young mother, she turned away from art to take care of the family.
After some time, she did some painting courses with renowned artists from the extinct Atelier Sergio Longo in order to improve his technique, so she returned to painting as a hobby.
At the age of 41, feeling the great pleasure that art provided, she decided to attend Visual Arts and specialize in Art Therapy.
To complete his academic journey, she took a Masters in Communication and Culture.
With that, she surrendered completely to his passion for the plastic arts and began to professionalize himself.
The pseudonym “Krys Potter” came from Helen Beatrix Potter – an English writer, illustrator, mycologist and conservationist, because the artist identified with her perseverance and ecological awareness.
His artistic style is academic and figurative.
He decided to go deep into the indigenous figure and there is his differential, because he can put in these figures a very expressive look that “communicates” and impresses the spectator.
The artist has dedicated herself to the paintings of indigenous children, and in many works these children are accompanied by animals from the forest for knowing how vulnerable these beings are, and for believing that art must contain a social and conscientious role.

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