Ceres Panicucci, Brazil

Artist:Ceres Panicucci,  Italy / Brazil

Ceres Panicucci, Brazil

She graduated in Fine Arts at the University Mackenzie and decoration Paulista School “ESPADE ” and made the course of engraving at ECA – USP.
Her artistic career began in the Bela Vista Group, and her first solo exhibition was in São Paulo, in the Legislative Assembly in 1986.
During this period until 2010, he taught sculpture classes at the Shed of Arts and painting in his studio. She studied with several masters of sculpture and painting.
In 2010, she painted a mural of 6 meters in Petit Cafe MONDE in Dee Why, Australia. Drew nude models in Arthouse Hotel in Sydney, in the building that dates back to 1836.
She visited Indonesia, and when he returned to Brazil began a series of paintings inspired in Bali. In 2013 and 2014, she was invited to participate in various cultural events, including visits to studios of internationally renowned artists in Italy. These experiences added great artistic value in their walk.
She has participated in several exhibitions at home and abroad, and has won several awards and mentions. Her technique walks in various expressions such as painting, sculpture and printmaking and his works are included in many public and private collections in Brazil and in foreign countries.
• Prata Salão da Marinha – SP – Pintura.
• Ouro Salão CMSE- Comando Militar do Sudeste- SP- Pintura.
• Prêmio Especial CMSE – SP – Pintura..
• Grande M. Bronze XXVII Salão de Arceburgo – MG. Escultura.
• Grande M. Bronze XXVII Salão de Arceburgo – MG.- Escultura.
• Prêmio APBA – Salão do Retrato – SP – Pintura.
• Ouro XXXIIISalão Artes–Ilha Bela- Pintura..
• Prata 8o Salão Nacional de Belas Artes de Ubatuba-Esc
• Bronze – 4o Salão de Arte Bunkyo – Pintura.
• Hors Concours – 18° Salão de Arte ACSP- Escultura.
• P.M.Prata54o S. Paulista de Belas Artes- Escultura.
• P.M.Ouro IV Salão de Santo Amaro- Escultura.
• P.M.Ouro IV Salão de Santo Amaro- Pintura.
• M. E. de Honra VS. de Verão- Pintura.
• Ouro -Pint. ao Vivo Jornal das Artes
• M. E. de Honra IV Armando Vianna- Pintura.
• Ouro XXII S. Baptista da Costa- Pintura.
• Prata Artistas da Terra Interlar- Pintura.
• Prata 18 S. Baptista da Costa- Pintura.
• Bronze Salão de Petrópolis- Pintura.
• Bronze Especial XII S. Primavera- Pintura.
• Bronze V P Brasil Acad. de. Artes- Pintura.
• Bronze XII Salão da Paisagem- Pintura.
• Bronze V S .Prof. J. Almeida- Pintura.
• Bronze V Prêmio Aq. Brasil Artes- Pintura.
• Bronze S XXII São Lourenço- Pintura.
• Prêmio Aquisição 8o. S. de Pinheiros- Pintura.
• Prata Voyage Monmatre AgroRoad- Pintura.
• Paleta de Bronze3o. S. Resende- Pintura

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