Luis Antonio Gagliastli , Brazil

Luis Antonio Gagliastli , Brazil

Artist Sculptor:Luiz Gagliastri, Brazil

Sculptor and painter, born in Curitiba.
Member of the International Center for Sculptors – Washington, DC/USA and of the United Nations of American UNA/USA
Lived in the United States for nine years, where he studied and developed
new techniques at the Johnson Atelier and Sculpture Center in New YorK, (USA)
In 1983, he installed the first Sculptures Casting Company of Parana
He participated in more than 80 individual and collective exhibitions in different countries.
2009 – Prize Médaille de Or from the Société Académique et d´ Encouragement. Foundée in 1915 – Paris – France.
2010 took possession of the chair No. 31 , the Brazilian Academy of Fine Arts in Rio de Janeiro , whose patron the architect Manoel Francisco Lisboa , Aleijadinho’s father .
In 2012 was sworn in academic in Curitiba Culture Academy – Paraná
In 2013 was elevated to Grade Chair No. 16 – Brazilian Academy of Fine Arts in Rio de Janeiro .
Several exposures, both individual and collective. Artistic career in Brazil .
Promoter of events Artist, supportive of new artists, cultural activist .
He has participated illustrated Book Realismo Latino-organized for Artcom Expo International Association of Artists 2013.
Member of Artcom Expo International Association of Artists.

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