Antonia Fealizaeh ,Germany

Antonia Fealizaeh ,Germany



ANTONIA FEALIZADEH, Brazilian, born in Osasco – São Paulo, in 1961. Since her childhood, she was fascinated by colors and movements that Nature provided her. Graduated in Tourism, she has built a successful career in Hotel Business. In this journey, drawing and painting have always been her greatest interest and passion. Fealizadeh is a world citizen and she is very comfortable with the international scenario. Her career has taken her to several cities in Brazil, as well as several cities in France, Morocco, Portugal, Turkey, Italy, Greece, the Maldives, Tunisia, Spain, USA, Senegal, Argentina, Mexico, Iran, Canada and Germany. She has lived with many other cultures, taking all the opportunities to visit the biggest Museums and art Galleries. She has always been mindful to the old masters’ techniques and to the studies for her development in contemporary painting, style in which she found herself. Antonia started her artwork with oil paint. However, her big friend today is the acrylic painting. She has studied History of Art in São Paulo. In Lisbon and Madrid she has developed her knowledge and style in oil painting and, in Frankfurt, she has improved herself with the acrylic painting. By watching Nature and let the inspiration flow, she revisits and represents the actual world. What is important to her is the implicit balance that Nature holds and she always looks for highlighting what is simple and perfect. Painting is her way of communicating and building a bridge between the secret of Nature wild beauty and the humane. Art is the platform for her life philosophy, and it is always in movement. Her works of art are vibrant, elegant, creative and passionate. For her, Nature makes everything full of life, resulting in pure harmony or interesting contrasts. Her love for art made her, in 2007, to enter as a volunteer in the CCBF – Brazilian Cultural Center in Frankfurt. She is also member of Frankfurter Malakademie. Fealizadeh is a highly active artist. Her paintings are present in many private and public collections, in Brazil and abroad. She has always encouraged new artists to show their art in Brazil and abroad. Since she arrived in Germany, she has been promoting in her hotels, in Frankfurt, individual vernissages to some of her fellow Brazilian artists that have been living in this country and, in 2014, she promoted at Art Open from Eschweiler, in the North of Germany, one new young talent from São Paulo, tetraplegic, who paints with the mouth. In October 2015, Antonia Fealizadeh made an exposure in the 10ª. Biennial from Firenze, in Italy. Still in the same year, she participated in the 26 ArtePadova, also in Italy. In 2016, she is already scheduled to expose in Brazil, Spain, Germany and Italy. This great artist is currently writing her book “Impressions”, which shall be launched in the beginning of 2017.

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Mobil:+49 015124105279 /  Skype:Afealizadeh2015

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