Ericléia Larsen, Brazil

Ericléia Larsen, Brazil

Artist:Ericléia Larsen, Brazil

Ericléia Larsen was born on 01.31.1983 in the countryside of Porto União, municipality of Santa Catarina.
Today married and with a 16-year-old daughter named Nathália.
From a very early age, in the midst of working in the countryside with the garden and domestic animals, especially chickens and cows.
She did handicrafts such as corn husk baskets, crochet and knitting.
Later, in 1998, I discovered the fantastic and colorful world of paints, from then on I started to live exclusively from handicrafts, including the
restoration of furniture and sacred arts. Fascinated by this world of colors and contrasts.
I continue to seek perfection and improvement every day.

Author: artcomexpo

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