Inger Margrethe Eriksen Norway

Inger Margrethe Eriksen Norway

Artist -Inger Margrethe Eriksen  – Norway

The Norwegian seasons, with changing light conditions, has always been a source of inspiration for her artistic performance.I 1967 she started with figurative oil
painting and watercolors. From 1970 the form of expression became more abstract . Education / courses:

Painters She got Hans Aas and Unn Stixrud, among others as mentors in Modum Templates club. Vikersund, 1967-1985. Oslo Templates club, courses in stilleben. Croqui
and evenings of corrections. 1990-1993. Teaching by artist Erlend Grøstad on Nutheim art school in Telemark, 2004 and 2005. Nydalen art school from 2010 to 2012.
Teaching by artist Nirmal Singh Dhunsi. 5 courses from 2008 to 2012.

Picture of the month at Deichmann library / Furuseth and Nordtvet, Oslo, 2010-2012. Deichmann library Stovner, Oslo, 2010. Drammen Library, 1987

She has always participated in joint exhibitions organized byModum templates club in Buskerud. Oslo Templates club Groruddalen Art Association and the Steinbruddets
ArtGallery, Oslo.

She is the leader of Groruddalen Art Association, Oslo .

Separate exhibitions: 1133 Broadway, NY, USA. 2013. Dalype Gallery, Oslo, 2013. Hoboken, New Yersey, New York, 2010. Grorud Church Centre, Oslo, 2010.

Several exhibitions organized for Artcom Expo International Association of Artists Norway -:Gallery EcletIica -Spoletto-Gallery Gerard Berizzi,Gallery La Pigna,Roma,
Carrousell du Louvre, Paris in 2013.

Memberships: Artcom Expo International Association of Artists Norway.

Several exhibitions organized for Artcom Expo International Association of Artists Norway –  Casa do Paço – Figueira da Foz , Mention Medal to Artist obra-Title-Silence
2014 in Portugal.


Far og sønn




Røde Infall


The Silence


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