Nanda Gagliastri – Designer Jewelry – Brazil

Nanda Gagliastri – Designer Jewelry – Brazil

Nanda Gagliastri – Designer Jewelry – Brazil

Artist Nanda Gagliastri , Brazil

Industrial designer, works as Designer Jewelry since 1988.
The concern with nature brought him a challenge, to make sustainable jewelry from recycled aluminum and his first play was a tribute to her husband, Luiz Gagliastri. when he received the award from the Medaille d’Or of the French Academy of Arts, Sciences and Letters in Paris. Success in Paris showed him a new way.
Aluminum cans, copper scrap and brass, rags and old clothes and peel bananas, finally garbage, transmuted by fire, are transformed into luxury.
Inspiration comes from Greece, Greek Goddess, which inhabit our interior that makes us dream, our warrior who makes us go fight in search of conquests and collect our winnings.
Nanda Gagliastri presents his collection of Jewelry Sculptures and the proposal to carry on the shoulders and arms, elements that identify us and make us unique, with the uniqueness that each contains.
Necklaces are the Armor, the Mantles Greeks and bracelets are the Links, to remind us that we are part of something much bigger.
What are the Links that form a chain, the chain of the New Consciousness.


2009 – Carrousel du Louvre – Paris – France.
2012 – 
2012 – Rafain Hotel – Foz do Iguaçu – PR.
2013 –Soroptimist Woman – Curitiba – PR.
2014 – Businenn Professional Woman – Pestana Hotel – Curitiba –PR.
2014 – Alphaville Graciosa – Pinhais – PR.
2014 – Boat Show – São Paulo – SP.
2014 – OAB – Ponta Grossa – PR.
2015 – Cabanha São Rafael – Balsa Nova – PR.
2015- Fashion Cruise – Rio de Janeiro – RJ.
2015 – Hair Brasil – São Paulo – SP.


She has participated Illustrated Book  Realismo Latino-organized for Artcom Expo International Association of Artists Norway 2013.
Memberships: Artcom Expo International Association of Artists Norway.

Author: artcomexpo

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