Milena Quercioli, Italy

Milena Quercioli, Italy

Artist: Milena Quercioli, Italy

She bor in Milan.My works are inspired by street art and graffiti all very colorful and cheerful want to convey positive emotions.
The message I want to convey through my works using color is that you should always look for the colors in the soul and the smile in life ..avolte heart can paint the canvas of our lives with dark colors and dark but you have to go beyond the difficulties and color dip it.
I participated in several exhibitions and competitions.I have set My paintings in Berlin at Berlin Gallery & Auction in Sybelstrasse 10.
I participated in an exhibition at the Palazzo Isimbardi event sponsored by Expo 2015 by the city and the metropolitan city of Milan where I finished second in the competition.
I took part in Expo 2015 to Varvello competition Expo (sponsored by the town of Expo2015 and the province of Milan) fifth classifying hundreds of selected artists.
I exhibited at a group show of art in Caprino Bergamasco with great artists including the master Pietro Longhi Francesco.
I made for the town of Verona a painting copyright for the official brochure of the event Verona in love.
I participated in a group exhibition at the castle Saffarone Turin organized by the art critic Roberta sharecropper “from the ancient to the new ardor esotericism and the Inquisition”.
I exhibited my paintings during a group exhibition of painting at the Certosa di Casteggio with the presence of the art critic Vittorio Sgarbi
I did a solo at the historic Bar Magenta in Milan center.
Collective painting “Dinner with the arts” to the Wharf Milan organized by Claudio della Rocca and Pietro Francesco Longhi.
I exhibited in Rome at the flyer Art Gallery. Exposure to 55 Milan in via Pier della Francesca with great international artists.
Exhibition and competition “Grand Prix Milano Fine Arts” at the Milano Lounge Museum in via procaccini 37
and exposure at the Mediolanum Bank in the center of Milan.
For the Vogue fashion night in 2015 I realized the artistic t-shirt with the transposition of one of my paintings copyright for the well-known international brand of footwear Hector Riccione
I attended several events and exhibitions in the best clubs in Milan.

Arcade vintage game acrylic on canvas

Dreams come true

Food experience acrylic on canva

Il bacio delle emozioni acrylic on canvas

Love Acrylic on canvas

Luxury style acrylic on canvas

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