Laís Marques Pereira,Brazil

Laís Marques Pereira,Brazil

Artist:Laís Marques Pereira,Brazil

Natural of – Rio de Janeiro
Profession – Plastic Artist, Interior Design and Craftsman.
He studied Fine Arts and Decoration at the School of Fine Arts of the Federal University of Bahia – UFBA
First painting – at 6 years of age
Individual Exposure
1969 – Masonic Building of Salvador (at age 15)
Collective Exhibitions
2000 – Shopping of Brotas in Salvador
2001 – Mall Aeroclub of Salvador (Indian Week)
23.02 to 03.03. 2011 – 7th ARTMAR – Ship MSC Orchestra
Artistic Decoration Activities
1987 – Thematic decoration of 2 schooners and 1 sailboat for a contest held on January 1st at Baía de Todos os Santos in Salvador- Ba, earning the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.
1991- 1992 and 1993 – Thematic decorations of São João of every store Saveiro Vehicles in Águas de Meninos – Salvador Ba.
1995 – Easter themed decoration in the American stores of Shopping Iguatemi – Salvador – Ba
1999 -Confection of giant Greek sculptures, for decoration of the beach volleyball championship of Recife – Pe.
1999 – Preparation of an 8 m diameter pumpkin for the show of artist Gilmelândia in João Pessoa – Pb.
2000 -Confection of Giant Sculptures of Mestre Vitalino to compose a scenario of television program of TV Bahia-Salver Ba.
2000 – Decoration of the store Lé with Lé – Foot with Foot in the Shopping Aero-Club of Salvador – Ba, making a tree in resin of 2 m of height to compose a scene of infantile history inside the store.
2001 – Styrofoam preparation of a theater scene Diplomata – Salvador – Ba.
2016- Collective Exhibition Spring Festival – Arts Gallery and Workshop Lícia B. Simoneti – Shopping Limeira – Limeira São Paulo.
2018 – Collective Exhibition These Wonderful Women – Lícia Simoneti Art Gallery – Shopping Limeira – Limeira São Paulo
2019 – Collective Exhibition Painting Spain I – Campinense Academy of Letters
2019 – Collective Exhibition Painting Spain II – Instituto Thomáz Perina Campinas São Paulo
2019 – Collective Exhibition Painting Spain III – Art Gallery & Workshop Lícia B. Simoneti,

Menina Kuikuro – óleo 50 x 70

Uma Sudaneza vendedora de frutas – óleo 100 x 120

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