Neusa Fraga Pithan, Brazil


Neusa Fraga Pithan, Brazil

Artist: Neusa Fraga Pithan, Brazil

Born in Passo Fundo, RS, and moved to Campo Grande / MS in 1981, where she currently
Early in her infancy, Neusa demonstrated affinities with drawing and painting, she graduated
in education at the Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul (UFMS), Campo Grande / MS in
Served as a teacher for 30 years; however, never stopped practicing what she liked to do,
the art of drawing.
In order to do this, the artist completed a postgraduate studies in education in 2007,
having a thematic study on the development of drawing for the understanding of writing in
the literacy process.

She has always maintained a partnership between art and education, relating theory and
practice with drawing and painting techniques, in the classroom.
In 2008, she began to dedicate herself exclusively to canvas paintings.
She has participated in several studies about art history and color theory, in addition to
practicing art through courses and workshops with renowned artists, teachers and art
promoters, seeking to absorb a maximum amount of learning about new techniques and painting

Her greatest highlights are in the international sphere, attending special invitations has
publicized her art and have led to receiving competitive awards in major European cultural

In 2017, she participated in an art exhibition in Paris in the Carrousel du Louvre being a
medalist with her canvas titled the “Dancers”

In 2018, she participated in exhibitions in:

-Dubai- United Arab Emirates, Art Index DUBAI; WORLD TRADE CENTER – UAE receiving a bronze

– Vienna-Autria, International Cultural Arts Exchange, Vienna Workshop Gallery Seminars,
XXXVII Premier Salon receiving a gold medal.

– Friborg-Suisse, Cathédrale Friborg Gallery, receiving a Bronze medal.

– Limeira-Brazil, Major José Levy Sobrinho Pedagogical Historical Museum.

– Limeira-Brasil, Shopping Center Limeira, Vincent Van Gogh Exhibition

– Oslo-Norway, Brazilian Embassy of Oslo, Brazilian Room of Culture from September 11th to
the 14th.

– Bergen-Norway, Gallery Bergen / Articom Expo and ABBA from September 16th to the 27th,
receiving a silver medal.

– Paris-France, Carrousel du Louvre from October 19th to the 21st.



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