Tina Malfatti, Brazil

Tina Malfatti, Brazil

Artist:Tina Malfatti, Brazil

Maria Ernestina Tamaso Malfatti, artistic name Tina Malfatti, was born in Espirito Santo do Pinhal, SP, Brazil.
Still a girl was already noted for her artistic skills as a declaimer and performances in plays.
Graduated in Pedagogy and specialist in psychopedagogy by PUC / Campinas / Brazil.
She studied drawing and painting with professors graduated in Campinas and São Paulo, participating in several individual and collective exhibitions all over Brazil at the Campinense Academy of Letters and is cataloged at the Campineiro Center for Art and Folklore.
Awarded recently with bronze medal in exhibition “Van Gogh with love” by the International Gallery Licia Simoneti.
She has published four books and has participated in exhibitions and literary events with awards.

Author: artcomexpo

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