Albania 2024

Galeria KALO
23th / 24th to 25th May 2024
Rruga Ibrahim Rugova St., No. 1, Tirana, Albania

Artcom Expo International Association of Artists
131th International Cultural Exchange of Arts
70th Salon Premier “ART IS LIFE”

General Coordination: Baroness Jiselda Salbu Curator: Baroness Jiselda Salbu and Partners

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Jiselda Salbu Pedigree and registration form:
Authorization to participate in the work (s) of my author here related (s), in accordance with photo (s) annex (s), for exhibition (local and current data).

The artist will be able to exhibit 1 work -50 x 70 (without frame)
Sculpture up to: 0,60 x 0,40 x, 060.

Date: _ / _ / _ () Modern () Academic Artwork data:
Price in Euros: ______________________

Signature Full name: _______________________________________
Email ____________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ City ____________________________________ State: _ Zip Code: _ Tel .: () ______ Number of works () Total paid: __

General Coordinator: Baroness Jiselda Salbu Commissioners Jiselda Salbu and Partners
Jury – Art critics Classification by
Jury: Alicia Cunto, Argentina
Angela Cardoso, Belgium
Dulce Menezes, Portugal
Hans Salbu, Norway
Marta Von Zeidler, Berlin
Vjollca Kola,Albania —————————————-
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Bronze Médaille
Medal la créativité
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Artcom Expo International Association of Artists

19 Urene, 6730 Davik Norway

Contact: Norway / Jiselda Salbu / WhatsApp- Tel: + 47-97907611 / Or Hans Salbu + 47-47413621