Iolanda Griga Gherghel, Romania

Iolanda Griga Gherghel, Romania

Artist:Iolanda Griga Gherghel, Romania

Name:Iolanda Griga Gherghel
Graduated School: University of Fine Arts from Baia Mare, Romania

About me: My interest for the arts began at a young, influenced by my father’s passion for photography.
I began my studies at the Public School of Fine Arts from Baia Mare where I had the opportunity to learn from several famous artists.
In 2009 I had the opportunity to enroll into the Cluj-Napoca University of Fine Arts, after graduating was my first joint exhibition with
my high school masters. I will never forget that day.
In 2016, I obtained my Master’s, soon after in 2017 I joined the Romanian Artists Association.
From 2010 to today I was able to show my work at nearly 70 personally and group national and international exhibitions as well as
participated in several painters’ camps in Romania, Hungary and France.
My works are preoccupations especially in the area of landscape.
Trees, water, sky, mountains, snow, the four seasons, light and shadow, these elements characterized my landscape paintings subject.
Also I like to investigate the vegetal space, sometimes with oversize details. My painting style is somewhat unique.
I use develop and elaborate system of layers transparent glow paint, which is lighting in the darkness.
I love the new experince and the expressive freedom of the glow paint…



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