Biserka M.Vuković, Croatia

Artist:Biserka M.Vuković

I have published 14 books and collections, “P.R.” has been translated into 9 ancient languages.
I write on the subject of love, peace, understanding, humanity among people all over the world.
As a humanitarian, I am known all over the world, from Texas, Mexico, America, Brazil,
Peru, Africa, Egypt, Israel, Iran, Iraq.
India, Azerbaijan, Russia, Australia, and all of Europe
that I don’t write to each country individually… I’m not only known as a humanitarian who advocates
for peace, love, tolerance in the whole world. I write and paint so I am in many places
pages of poetry.
She had 19 solo exhibitions of paintings, with other painters, about 80 or so, International EX
Tempera 21., and with other painters of the Art Colonies, I would not be able to say very much exactly. They are mine
paintings at many exhibitions. There are three currently at the joint exhibition with other painters
active exhibitions and two permanent linings of paintings.
Sincerely, Biserka Vukovi
Biserka M. Vuković

They say love is poison
Which we drink in sips
Enjoy slowly like nectar
I’m worse than drugs.
That nectar is Me
Always desired and awaited
To drink it in sips
Like tonight.
That true love
Passionate and impatient
I’m a bit bitter and sweet
All at the same time
I love and power.
Those thirsty sips
Like in the desert when you search
A lifeline
I’m not wrong I’m right
Just the one to drink it to the brim
I am poison worse than narcotics:
Writer The Wandering Queen

Author: artcomexpo

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