Maria Gracia Benelli, Brazil

Artist: Gracia Benelli, Brazil

Plastic Artist and Art Curator.
She is from Paraná, but lives in Rondônia for many years.
Has a degree in Language (Portuguese and English) and School Supervision, working a long time in education.
Since youngness she expressed a taste for art, taking courses to improve techniques, striving for a realistic and academic style. Her arts refer to the beauty of the Amazon fauna and flora.
In Brazil, she participated in exhibitions at MASP / SP, Pampulha Museum / MG, National Museum of the Republic / DF and Focus Art / BA, among others.
She also has international exhibitions since 2004, as an artist and curator in countries such as England, Portugal, Spain, Argentina, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Trinidad and Tobago, Thailand, China, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Chile, the Netherlands , Tunisia and Italy.
She was awarded with Honorable Mentions in the Pampulha Museum / MG, National Museum of the Republic / DF and by the Arts Gallery of Revista Domani.
She has publications in 03 (three) Domani magazines with artistic works of its own creation.
She received honorable mentions from art gallery magazines, as well as from Museums of Brazil, for his activities. Elaborated and works in projects such as “Arte na Praça”, “Resgate da Cidadania” and “Pintando na Melhor Idade”, thus rescuing citizenship through art.

Author: artcomexpo

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