Lícia Simoneti, Brazil

Lícia Simoneti, Brazil

Artist:Lícia Simoneti, Brazil
Artist pseudonym of Maria Lícia Bonin Simoneti.
She was born in Limeira , SP in 1962. Granddaughter of Napoli born painter Antonio Panaro, who since 1919 used the fresco painting techniques to paint several Brazilian Churches, from early age 8 years old became interested in fine-arts.
Self-learner, the artist has been developing many painting techniques, getting her inspiration from the great masters.
Alongside all that, the artist diverse handcrafts, wood, walls, baroque plaster, patina, wall marbleizations, between other techniques, oil and acrylic in canvas.
Effectuated a wide art History research in the main European museums, took part on personal expositions in France, in Portugal and Italy.
She was selected to participated in the International Biennale of Art Contemporary in Florence( 2011), and in the Biennale of Art in Rome(2012), International Biennale of Art Contemporary of Mediterranean (2013).
Won silver medal in Dubai – United Arabian Emirates (2011), Silver medal from the Metropolitan Museum in Buenos Aires – Argentina (2011), bronze medal in Santiago Chile (2011).
Among her expositions are New York Ward- Nasse (2011), 16th International Brasilian Art Circuit – Brazil’s House Cultural Center in Madrid Espanha, Museum São Domingos Covent in Portugal, Australia- Viena Lateinamérika Institut – LAI, Inimá de Paula Museum – Belo Horizonte Brazil representing her state and the city, 17th Brazilian Art International Circuit, Hungary Budapest (2011) Galery 91 Holanda Haia, Atelier 2005 Holanda Amsterdã, Cesumar Museum Brazil Paraná Maringá city (2011). Got a Ordination of the fine Art Merit – important award given for the provid relevant services to the Arts and to the National Culture (2011) and at the Cultural museum of CRC, São Paulo Brazil (2014).
She owns works in several private colletions abroad, in Brazil and the Parlament Art Museu located in São Paulo. Her works are exhibited on the pages of book Brasil- Italy (2012), and Book ArtistsAcross Continents Noruega (2015).Inaugurated the Art Galery Lícia B. Simoneti in 2014, The artist is part of Circolo Italiano – São Paulo and also of the Historical Heritage Restation Institute in the State of São Paulo since 2014.

Beyond the Mountain


Lilies of the Valley

Morning Walk

Pic Nic


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