Geert Weggen, Sweden

Geert Weggen, Sweden

Geert Weggen is born in Assen a Dutch town.

He trained in cultural work especially in creative and spiritual fields.  He educated in photography, music, masonry, wood art and other creative areas.

He gave workshops in creativity, spirituality and performed concerts in different countries: Ireland, Scotland, Denmark, Sri Lanka, Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden.

During his life he had many different jobs: healer, artist, builder, social worker, actor, photographer, masonry, carpenter, garden designer.

After having traveled extensively and has lived in Srilanka, Holland, Denmark and Sweden, he reached Bispgården a little village in Jämtland. Here in Sweden he has his workshop, company and education school.

He exhibited in Holland, Sweden and in Italy. He has a permanent exhibition room at his home.

He won different prices in photography: National Geographic, newspaper Vlt and in other places. His company is focused on photography, digital art, carpentry and masonry. Beside this his company; Hardeko is busy with natural architecture, nature and spirituality.

The last 10 years he has been living and working in Sweden and he uses the name Hardeko to his company:

He evolves continuously in new technologies and new ideas.

Author: artcomexpo

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