Cleusa M. Felix -Brazil

Cleusa M. Felix -Brazil

Cleusa Felix – Brazil

She is, born in São Paulo -S.P.
-Physical Education in E.E.F.U.S.P. – S.P
-Art Therapy in Universidade  Potyguar -Natal – R.G.N. 2003
– Atelier of Visual Arts – C.P.M. 1998 a 2010
-Art of Teachers Instituto Tomie Ohtake 2003
-Atelier of Ceramic “Alquimia da Terra”  2001-2004
-Atelier of Ceramic Januário Gabriel Capuano  2005-2007
– University Extension Course in Broadcast mode :Pottery Grounds  in  E.C.A. U.S.P.  2014
PARTICIPATION as an artist:
1999 – Exhibition of Visual Arts of C.P.M. -S.P.- Bronze Medal:   Figurative sculpture – “Nude”
Interclub Exhibition of Visual Arts of A.C.E.S.C. -S.P. – Bronze Medal :  Figutative sculpture – “Nude”-
Exhibition of Visual Arts of C.P.M. S.P. – Bronze Medal:  Watercolor  – “Spring Season” –
Exhibition of Visual Arts of C.P.M.  -S.P.   – Silver Medal:   Watercolor – “The rest”- Bronze Medal:  Abstract sculpture –  “Faces a feeling” –
Exhibition of Visual Arts of C.P.M. -S.P.  -Bronze Medal: Abstract sculpture – “The two clay faces”-
Exhibition of Visual Arts of C.P.M. -S.P.  -Gold Medal:  Abstract sculpture – “Sensations” – Bronze Medal:  Watercolor  – “Dreamscape”
– Bronze Medal: Drawing Figurative – oil pastels -“Lavender fields” -Interclub Exhibition of A.C.E.S.C. -S.P. -Bronze Medal   Watercolor  – ” Dreamscape “-
Exhibition of Visual Arts of. C..P.M. -S.P.   -Gold Medal:   Abstract sculpture  – “Entropy -Silver Medal:  Abstract sculture    -“Mutation”
Interclub Exhibition of A.C.E.S.C. -S.P.-Silver Medal : Abstract sculpture  -“Mutation”
Exhibition of Visual Arts of Butantã Culture House “Even as the eye can and the soul feels”.”” The Butantã Culture Show C.E.U. – S.P. 
XXI Exhibition Santos Art GAllery – S.P.  ” New Achievements” .
Exhibition of Visual Arts of C.P.M.  -SP.- Gold Medal: Figurative sculpture – “Erotica nature”- Gold Medal: Abstract  sculpture  –  “Additional”
Interclub Exhibition of A.C.E.S.C.   -S.P.- Gold Medal: Abstract sculpture  – ” Additional” -Exhibition Santos Art Gallery  -S.P.   “Art and words”
SIxth birthday of Santos Art Gallery. -S.P, 
Group Exhibition  ” Quanto Mais Gente, Mais Quente”  C.P.M.  -S.P.
Showcase of scutures of the  Bookstore  Reading Company   A.B.A.P.C.  – S.P.
Group Exhibition at  Historical Building of Post and Telegraph. of S.P.  A.B.A.P.C. -S.P.-“Birthday Company postal and telegraph”.
Group Exhibition A.B.A.P.C. ” Bra battle continues” in Casarão Brasil – S.P.- VI Group Exhibition of Arts of Butantã Culture House  -S.P.
Exhibition of Visual Arts of C.P.M. -S.P.-Gold Medal:  Figurative Esculpture – ” Waiting four You”.
Interclub Exhibition of Arts of A.C.E.S.C. -S.P. – Bronze Medal: Expressão Comtemporânea –
“Bust”.Group Exhibition ” Woman and fantasy”  A.B.A.P.C. –  Baron Mauá Museun and Archive Mauá – S.P.
Winter Clothing Campaing C.P.M. -S.P.-The Farmhouse of Morumbi  -S.P.  –  ” Friends Forever”
Exhibition of VIsual Arts of C..P.M.  -S.P.  Bronze Medal: Mixed acrylic on canvas  – “Random”- Silver Medal: Contemporary expression – “How lifes goes”
Exhibition of VIsual Arts of C.P.M. -S.P.    Gold Medal: Abstract sculpture in iron
I Exhibition of Visual Arts of Solar Swallows .  Solar dos Andradas  – S.P.
Memberships: Artcom Expo International Association of Artists Norway


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