Partnership and Council, Conselho.

Council, Conselho.

The board consists of 6 members, yre from Europe and three from Latin America

Conselho Interino  é composta por 6 membros: tres da Europa e tres da América Latina.

Jiselda   Salbu – Noruega

Olívia da Costa – Portugal

Alicia Cunto  – Argentina

 Licia Simoneti- Brazil

Margot Andrioni  –  Italia

Silvio  Duartes  – BraziAngela Cardoso – Belgica


I am grateful to the person that I am today, in having conquered my space after 24 years of journey and to be successful now for 9 years crossing borders with my Arts Association and living in Norway. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this good before. I am a strong person, accomplished and much better prepared for any challenge. I know that this new person that I am today is due to my relative professional success. And for that I thank those who helped me.


There were several people, but I will never forget the name of each one. The path to happiness is not alone and I know how to recognize who has been by my side throughout this journey. My gratitude will never end and every day when I look in the mirror I will remember and honor each one of you. For all the effort, dedication and tolerance I thank you. I am living proof that with the right people we can change our world better.


Life has been wonderful with me. I am a more prepared person; strong and conscious. Professionally I am capable of anything. And for that I must thank the person who never gave up on me: you!


For we are a “Team of Partners” and of great friends and fraternal brothers that we are, of the support that we add and make a difference, and we are winners, together crossing borders and being part of my constellation of “Stars” From the beginning that we have always been united and we knew how to divide tasks, responsibilities and all work in general. We were a united team and today is the time to share the congratulations on the triumph. I thank you all, because without each one of you by my side, I know that nothing would be or would conquer, but so together we make a difference and we can do everything. By dividing the work, we multiply the possibilities of triumph. This achievement belongs to everyone, and each and every one of us is to be congratulated today!


Information: Artcom Expo International Association of Artists 19 Urane, 6730 Davik Norway- E-mail:


Contact: Norway / Baroness Jiselda Salbu / WhatsApp-: TELS: + 47-97907611 –skype: jiselda.oliveira7 – www-


Agradeço a pessoa que sou hoje, em ter  conquistado meu espaco depois  de 23 anos  de jornada  e a fazer sucesso agora  a 8 anos  atravessando fronteiras  com minha Associacao de artes  e a viver na Noruega .  Acho que nunca me senti tão bem como agora. Sou uma pessoa forte, realizada e bem mais preparada para qualquer desafio. Eu sei que essa nova pessoa que sou hoje se deve ao meu relativo sucesso profissional. E por isso agradeço a quem me ajudou.

 Foram várias pessoas, mas jamais esquecerei o nome de cada uma. O caminho para a felicidade não se faz só e eu sei reconhecer quem esteve ao meu lado ao longo de todo este percurso. Minha gratidão jamais terá fim e todos os dias quando olhar no espelho vou recordar e homenagear cada um de vocês. Por todo empenho, dedicação e tolerância eu agradeço. Sou a prova viva que com as pessoas certas poderemos mudar nosso mundo melhor.

 A vida tem sido maravilhosa comigo. Sou uma pessoa mais preparada; forte e consciente. Profissionalmente sou capaz de qualquer coisa. E por isso devo agradecer à pessoa que nuncadesistiu de mim: vocês!

Pois somos uma “Equipe de Parceiros” e de grandes amigos e irmaos fraternos que somos , dos  apoio que unidos somamos  e fazemos  a diferenca, e somos vencedorores,a juntos  atravessar fronteiras e a fazerem parte de minha constelacao de “Estrelas”Desde o início que sempre estivemos unidos e soubemos dividir as tarefas, as responsabilidades e todo o trabalho em geral. Fomos uma equipe unida e hoje chegou a hora de dividirmos as congratulações pelo triunfo. A todos agradeço, pois sem cada um de vocês ao meu lado, sei que nada seria ou conquistaria, mas assim todos juntos fazemos a diferença e tudo podemos. Ao dividirmos o trabalho multiplicamos as possibilidades de triunfo. Esta conquista é de todos, e todos e cada um de nós está hoje de parabéns!   Artcom Expo  International Association of Artists   19 Urane , 6730 Davik Norway-   E-mail:

 Contato: Norway /  Baronesa Jiselda Salbu / WhatsApp-: TEL: +47-97907611    skype: jiselda.oliveira7 –

Moroccan Plastic Artists The Union I

President:Abderrazzak Sakhi, (Marrocos)

Moroccan Plastic Artists The Union I
President:Abderrazzak Sakhi, (Marrocos)
Coordenador El Alami, Marrocos

Head of the Rabat Region Branch, at the Union of Moroccan visual artists, the union is interested in all kinds of arts, in associative work, in the care of talented children, people with specific needs and people with disabilities, discovering emerging talent, organizing exhibitions, forums and festivals, at local, national and international levels, and organizing training courses for talents in various arts.
The establishment of the union and in the city of Agadir, led by the artist, President, Abderrazzak Sakhi, and I am a founding member with him.
In the union, the union has 36 branches in Morocco because it is a major and international artistic institution.

Abderrazzak Sakhi de Marrocos.
For the women rigths.

L’Art International group
Diretor:Abdolreza Rabeti, Iran

Leading Art Iran

(L ‘Art) is an international organization, based in Iran, whose goal and purpose is to bring Iranian visual artists together with artists worldwide and to stimulate mutual cooperation, as well use art as an international common language to develop humanistic values, reinforce peaceful spirit, and preserve environment among artists, audiences, and different human communities. Because artists join forces, they can form an organization that shows that art is indispensable in a society that connects art, looks beyond borders and closes gaps.
the group established at 2019 year, and our members of numbers official is 72 people.but we are with unofficial members about totally of 150 .

L’Art International group
Diretor:Abdolreza Rabeti, Iran
WhatsApp: +989166411461

Presidente:Xavier A Souza, Brazil

Adriano Xavier de Souza, is 31 years old, single, was born on 06/05/1989, is Plastic Artist / poet / writer / innovative scientist, entrepreneur / photographer and designer, both in a self-taught way.
Born in the city of Inhambupe in the state of Bahia and currently lives in the city of Guanambi-BAHIA-Brasil.
He started making his first paintings at the age of 4, on stones with plant leaves, he never took any type of course or artistic techniques.
He holds a degree in Agricultural Technician and Environmental Technician.
whatsapp: +55 82 9 8708-8410

Atelier Adina Worcaman
Adina Worcman
WhatsApp:+5511 983251386
Artist:Adina Worcman, Brazil

Adina Worcman, Brazilian naturalized, was born in Rosenheim – Germany in 1948. She is graduated in Pedagogy and Hebrew language, and since 1975.
She is engaged in arts. For 25 years she thought arts and hebrew, worked as a ceramist for many years and studied sculpture and contemporaneous painting. She got many national and international prizes and since 1991.
She creates trophies for entities and companies.
Among the most important projects we can emphasize the Fifty Years Trophey for the Club A Hebraica, where the ex president Lula, the governor Geraldo Alckmin, the ex mayor Marta Suplicy and the minister
Claudia Costin were honored. She created trophies for Natura Cosmetics,
Dupont, Casa Bahia, Reale Lauyers Association, Associquim, Almaco, etc,
and the Memorial for the Club Macabi. The novelist Gloria Peres was
honored with one of her sculpture and she ilustred the cover of some
books. Her works can be found in the acquisition of Assembleia
Legislativa de São Paulo, Muséu de Arte do Esporte Olímpico and in many
privates acquisitions in other countries.
In 2006 she got the 9 th place in Sculpture at the 6 th Internacional
Bienal of Rome.

Afaq Habibi Art
Art director na empresa Art Studio AFA

Afa Art Studio was established in Baku in 2014 by artist Afag Habibi.
The studio holds master classes for children and youth.”Expromt”,”Azerbaijan”,İtalia&Spain,”Globus” and other exhibitions were successfully held in well-known galleries in Baku.
In addition, students received certificates by participating in exhibitions in Spain, Switzerland, Russia, Turkey and the United States.

Afaq Habibi Art
İnstaqram: afa_art_studio
Whatsapp: +9940554293834
Adress: Baku,Mashtaga.Baloghlan Baghırov 15.

Alicia Cunto- Argentina

ABBA – Argentina
ABBA began as a space formed by artists and curator Alicia taking place at the Metropolitan Museum of Buenos Aires and with the support of APAP (professional artists from the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil), with Marilzes Petroni, Director for Mercosur. of that institution.
Later they were incorporated ABACH Brazilian Academy of Art, Culture and History, with its curator Jiselda Salbu, and other institutions and museums like or Latin America Memorial and Museum da Republica.
Alicia Cunto teacher and curator of art.
She studied at the University of Buenos Aires with a career of over 30 years was:
– Curator of the Metropolitan Museum of Buenos Aires from 2005 to 2012, where he organises the “events of the Bicentenary” in 2010.
-Created the International Exhibition of sculpture at the MET Buenos Aires and the exhibitions of Art and Technology.
-Curator of “The Night of Museums” traditional event of Buenos Aires.

-Director of ABBA, Cultural Corridor Argentina-Brasil and Director of Olhe Brazil (1 st Fair of Green Art).
-Curator exhibitios in the Legislative Palace of Uruguay , in the Embassies of Uruguay.
-Also in museums of Brazil as the Memorial of Latin America, the Paço das Artes, the MUBE of Säo Paulo and the Museum of the
Republic of Brasilia.
-Received in the Hall of the Congress of the Argentine Nation, the “Prize to the 10 relevant cultural operators” —Degree
“Comendador” ABACH, Brazilian Academy of Art, Culture and History.

Works with institutions of public good.


Our organization was created to promote the art of contemporary art in all its aspects.
The FAM & EVENTS ASBL organizes meetings,
festivals, exhibitions, concerts, documentaries, all the necessary sports to put contemporary art in the spotlight.
We are three partners, three different horizons but the same target, promulgate and bring the maximum of people to loves contemporary art.
Mix media, use an exhibition like QUAL E A SUA
BELGICA (What is your BELGIUM) to talk through

the photographs about emigration, citizenship or another exhibition TO THE WINNER ALL POTATOS (to talk about art in Belgium) because art is also political support or can be..
Our creed is that art can serve to create bridges between people.
Develop projects in partnership with other organizations, collective artists, schools, etc.
We believe that art does not have to be elitist; its role is above all a form of dialogue between the work and those who observe it. Art for everybody.
Angela Cardoso
WhatsApp:+32 486 33 20 32

Association of Art ( Shastriya Studio)

Co-founders: Anjani Govinden and Valerie Médard- Ramchurn, Mauritius
General Coordinator: Daniella Eole, Mauritius.
A team of dynamic artists and experienced art educators with the main aim to propagate the love for all art forms and create a cultured young generation

Shastriya Studio
Whatsapp: +23057587017


In September 2007, a group of Galician and Portuguese friends met, during an arts event, in a cafe / restaurant in Oroso – Santiago de Compostela in order to share their experiences.
Among the Friends, there were artists: painters, photographers, sculptors, poets, writers and people whose only interest was love of art.
After that meeting others followed and the bonds of friendship became more solid between the artists of Galicia and those of Portugal – thus being born AAAGP – Galician Portuguese Friendship and Arts Association.
In February 2010, due to a bureaucratic issue, an association with the same name was founded in Portugal: Associação da Amizade e das Artes Galego Portuguesa – with Headquarters in Paião, Figueira da Foz.
Its main objective was initially to promote art among the Galician and Portuguese artists. We are now an internationalized association, with about two hundred members, not only from European countries (such as Russia, Romania, Holland,
France, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria and Spain), but from several countries around the world, such as Brazil , Argentina, Guinea, Angola, S. Tomé and Princípe and USA.
We launched the challenge of the 1st International Salon of Art in small format, opening at the Figueira da Foz Arts and Spectacles Center.
There was a huge adhesion of plastic artists from all over the world. Its two Presidents: Xulio Villaverde, in Galicia and Conceição Ruivo, in Portugal, want artists from Galicia and Portugal to be known on both sides of the border,
extolling their work, exchanging knowledge, thus helping to create a Cultural Europe.
But Conceição Ruivo also intends for AAAGP – PT to be known internationally and to do so, it is constantly striving to attract more and more members and to provide them with well-being and success, in what is already a “family” united
by a common link: The art.


Conceição Ruivo
Presidente da AAAGP-PT
Conceição Ruivo

Action for Artistic Creativity is a Non- Governmental Organisation.
It was founded in 1985 by a group of Mauritian artist.
It was affiliated with International Association of Art ( IAA/AIAP) that operates under the aegis of UNESCO.
This association was set up to unite artists, art teachers and those whose activities are related to art, without any distiction whatsoever.
Our organisation conducts work sessions at different places where hidden talents would have opportunity to display their creative abilities. Such activities are carried out quite regularly.
These include exhibitions, workshops, seminars and other related activities to sustain regular links between artists and those interested in the promotion of art.
We have a well-established network which links artists in various parts of the world to share their experiences and “savoir faire” with each other.
We organise annual exhibition by the name of ART ACTION.

General Coordinator
Daniella Eole, Mauritius
Whatsapp: +23059206530

President: Dev Chooramun, Mauritius
Atelier: Action for Artistic Creativity /Action
Pour la Creativité Artistique, Mauritius.
Whatsapp: +23057513006