Judson Seraine, Brazil. Famous poet.

Judson Seraine, Brazil. Famous poet.

Born in Correntina, in the state of Piauí in the year 1932, he was an internal migrant

from the drought of the Northeast region, coming to the central west of Brazil

where he fixed residence in Goiania, capital of the State of Goiás, later moving

to the Federal District where he worked on the construction of Brasilia. He has been

married for 50 years to Lourdes Seraine, and the father of eight children, and also has

 received the following distinctions:

A handwritten letter signed by the founder of Brasilia, President Juscelino Kubitschek;

A reference in society, being the couple of the centenary celebration of Juscelino Kubitschek; he and his wife are the exemplary couple cited on TV channels , the magazine Foco, and the Journal of Guará, as well as in the newpaper, Correio Brasiliense, among the other means of communication.

He was “Senator for a Day” representing also the “Golden Years” group before President Luíz Inácio Lula da Silva; he was selected as  “Mr. Likeable” of Latin America and Mrs. Lourdes  Seraine, chosen “Miss Beauty 2004” of the “Golden Years” group in the Federal District.

He received the title of “Citizen of Guará City” for his work and also “trailblazer” for having contributed to the construction of the Federal Capital, Brasilia.

In addition to his other titles, he also possesses poetic talent, and here are registered some of his poems:    


Fauna  and  Flora

From the top of the Ingá-tree

 The canary swells his throat;

 In the shade of the gamela-tree

The grove seems to sing.


A serpent asleep, curled up

Inside a dry tree trunk

Seems to me a ribbon

Despised in the solitude.


There are so many branches and fruits

That the fauna sings rejoicing—

On hearing it, the Lord God leans over

The window of the Orient.


The flock of birds singing

Celebrates the approach of evening;

The cock and the guinea hen

impart happiness to the dawning.


The peacock repeats his cry

As if he were to speak,

Informing all the family

That the sun is about to rise.


Drops and brush strokes

Speak of Nature: 

Altogether the fauna and flora

Form this immense wealth.


Granddaughter of my heart!

Granddaughter of my heart! – Gigi

I want the world to know

The privilege of this ancient man!


Suddenly pure love arises,

 I look for no advantage, I just want to love.

Like a miracle, it dominates our heart.

 Far from being a father, mother or relative,

 You, Gigi, and this love which come as a gift


Love –there is no recipe to love,

 Love that crosses frontiers,

 Love that comes through the air, I don’t know how.

 Love that encounters no barriers.


It is almost a happiness repressed,

Received from you, Gigi, by this grace   

 To love me this way.

 And kiss my face without prejudice.

 I want to be a grandfather, your slave,

A kiss from grandfather Judson.


 The Green Eyes   — Judson Seraine (2006)

 Your profile and your green eyes

 Are like prison bonds ,

 Involving me as if they were a net,

 And your smile, completing the emotion.



With your beauty and the title of queen,

I being the lucky prince,

I will never abandon you.


A pretty doll is a copy of you–

It copied you perfectly.

Catching you all naked,

 Jealousy arises in me, but what can I do?


Your green eyes have great power,

It is dominating; it is enough to stare at me

React against me, how can it be?

The more I look, the more I want to look.


It is like a lullaby,

It is like water that stenches thirst,

The blond locks as a mantle.

I bow before your green eyes.


The Wrinkles that Ornament Your Face (2005)


 A young face reminds me of a beautiful apple.

It is the possessor of admirable beauty.

I,  drunken,  and that passion.

On contemplating it I was certain that

Little lines will be wrinkles tomorrow.

The days pass and the beauty continues

 However, time is ruthless,

The furrows arise on the naked skin

And the face remains lovely,

 Even with the wrinkles as your enemies.


A happy face reveals pleasure,

Whether it is young, or even old.

We see the difference.

The smile becomes more lovely

With the age being expressed as it must be.


Time is the absolute lord,

 Even if against our wishes.

 It alters the skin which was velvet

Slowly to its opposite

Becoming more than well-known

The wrinkles that ornament your face.  

Author: artcomexpo

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