Paricia Molina, Mexico

Paricia Molina, Mexico

Artist: Patricia Molina, Mexico

Place and date of birth: Teziutlán, Pue. Mexico, February 5, 1959.
Plastic artist, interior designer, director and professor of drawing, painting and sculpture.
He began painting studies at the Colegio Teresiano de Puebla in 1973, at the age of 14.
In 1976, he joined the Institute of Art, Decoration and Design, S.C. studying at the Faculty of Interior Design, in addition to drawing and painting in various techniques such as oil, dry and greasy pastel, acrylic, watercolor, pencil, sanguine, dry point, mixed media, sculpture and modeling.
Architecture studies at the Popular Autonomous University of the state of Puebla.
Since 1980 she has dedicated herself to working in various fields of art such as architecture, interior and exterior design, staging of stands at international fairs, theater, painting and sculpture.
For 30 years she worked as deputy director and professor at the Institute of Art and Decoration, S. C.
In 1982 and for 10 years she was dedicated to the realization of artistic design in rugs for export to France and the United States, in the companies “Textil Arte Contemporáneo” and “Alfombras Casale, S.A. de C.V. “
Currently, in his private studio, he teaches various chairs related to art, in addition to being dedicated to the development of different techniques of sculpture and painting, mainly “Aquagravure” (transformation of the ancient engraving technique of painting in water on various supports, obtaining monotypes), and “Sennelier”.

Individual and permanent exhibition in the Architectural Design Art Gallery. 1999 to 2011.
Collective in the Museum of Art of the Popular Autonomous University of the State of Puebla. March 2010
Collective in the Benavente School Exhibition Hall. November 2010
Collective in the art museum of the Popular Autonomous University of the State of Puebla. March 2011
Collective at the Niños Héroes de Chapultepec School Center. Nov 2011
“Aquagravure”. December 2011.
Individual at the Garco Torre JV3 Gallery. Exhibition titled “Fragments of the Universe”. December 2011.
Collective at the Museum House of the Dolls of the Autonomous University of the State of Puebla. January 2012.
Permanent exhibition at the central offices of “Puebla las Siete Regiones”. January 2012.
Collective at the “1st International Fair of Contemporary Art da Figueira da Foz, Portugal”. September 2012.
Collective at Astroshow 2012 Caldas da Rainha, Portugal. October 2012.
Collective in the Museum of Art of the Popular Autonomous University of the State of Puebla. December 2012.
Collective 2nd Salao Internacional do Estoril Aberta Portugal Gallery. March 2013.
Collective at Galería Yuri López Kullins, México D.F. March 2013.
Collective 2.0 Art-Café International Fine Art Exhibition. Cultural Society Sant Jaume Arts i LLetres Ajuntament de Premiá de Dalt, Barcelona, ​​Spain. May 2013.
Collective 1st International Salao de Arte Fantástica da Nazaré. Nazaré Cultural Center, Portugal. June 2013.
Collective “Expo-Mar” Painters of Mexico. July 2013
Collective “Small and Large Format” in Galería Aguafuerte, México, D. F. July 2013.
Collective “2nd Iberian Gallery of Painting Aberta Gallery” in the Municipal Chamber of Sâo Brás de Alportel, Portugal. July 2013.
Individual “Sublime Destellos” at Casa de la Cultura Puebla. From August 1 to November 10, 2013.
Collective “Il Gesto E L’Anima” in Auditorio della Rocca di Borgonovo Val Tidone – Piacenza – Italy. October 2013
Collective “1st International Salao de Arte de Bolsa de Setúbal”. November 2013.
Colectiva 2ª Arte Expo Internacional de Montemor-o-Velho 2013. November- December 2013.
Individual “Infinity”. The House of the Shells, Puebla Historic Center. June 2011
Collective and Auction Gallery Garco Torre JV3. September 2014.

Collective “International Exhibition L’ART CONTEMPORAIN ACCESSIBLE CARROUSEL DU LOUVRE”. Paris France . October 2014.
Collective XIV Cultural and International Art Exchange “XI – SALONE PREMIATO – LA MAGIA DELL ARTE A BOLOGNA”. Bologna, Italy. Oct. – Nov. 2014.
Collective Contemporary Art 2014. Garco Torre JV3 Gallery. December 2014.
Collective “58 MIRADAS AL 60 ANNIVERSARIO” C.E.N.H.CH. March 2015.
Individual “IN CONTRAST”. UPAEP Linking Center. June-July 2015.
Collective “Artists Across Continents” Embassy of Brazil in Oslo. September 2015.
Collective “EXPRESSIONS”. UPAEP Linking Center. October 2015.
Collective “POR LA PAZ”. Stockholm, Switzerland. November 2015.
Collective “FLASHES OF LIGHT AND SHADOW”. UPAEP Museum. December 2015.
Individual “ASPIRING TO INSPIRE”. Get Gallery, Puebla, Pue. Mex. July 2016
Collective Gallery MS Los

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