London 20

Expacio Gallery

London Espaciogallery – Reino Unido 2020 Artcom Expo


 Belly Dancer Cláudia Pugliesi, UK
Opening the art exhibition with show presentation
09 March 2020 19 hs.


Artcom Expo International Association et d’Artistes,

O9th, and 15th of March 2020

Artcom Expo International Association of Artists

International Cultural Exchange of Arts / Salon Premier

Dear Artists:


Our main objective is to establish the dissemination of Artists from the Countries listed above, taking their works to Europe through.

Artcom  Expo International Association  et  d’Artistes, Noemia Lemos, Brazil,  Duart’s Atelier Gallery, Laboratorio D’Arte Domus , Gallery Art  Lícia B.Simoneti, FAM & EVENTS ASBL Bruxelas,  Magenta –Portugal and Visual Arts .

espaciogallery    London – Reino Unido

Artcom Expo International Association of Artists and partners

  09th and  15th of  March 2020  


    60  International Cultural Exchange of Arts   48  Salon Premier  “Today’s shapes and colors”

159 Bethnal Green Rd, London E2 7DG, Reino Unido

 Opening to the general public: 09th, and 15th of March 2020

Opening: O9th general public 

Opening  :10th  Delivery of Certificates, Awards and Virtual Catalog.




Value of the Exhibition for Artists and Sculptors or Potters. 400  Libras Members /  500  not Members



The works can not exceed the measure.

Dimensions of the works: The artist will be able to exhibit 1 work -50 x 70 (without frame)

Sculpture up to: 0,60 x 0,40 x, ​​060.

Entries are open em 21  November   2019 and closed  and 15  February 2020.

I will send you the files with the IPHAN document, those that already have them.

Documents to be provided-

Send a curriculum with a thousand letters – a photo of the Artist- A photo of the Work that will appear for the Virtual Catalog

Fill in the form below and send it by e-mail:

Work Data:




Price in Euros

Date of registration payment?

Dates of the payments of the two remaining installments?

Will you be present at the vernissage?


Date of withdrawal of the work: personally on the last day of the exhibition, or the curator will send by mail for payment in advance.


 Norway   —   

President – Hans Arnt Salbu Baroness Jiselda Salbu


Artcom Expo International Association of Artists

Urene, 6730 Davik Norway-


Contact: Norway / Jiselda Salbu / -WhatsApp – TELS: +47-97907611 /


Jiselda Oliveira Salbu / or +47-47413621

 E-mail: or


 Banking information:

Artcom Expo International, Jiselda Salbu, Urene, 6730 Davik, Norway

Bank: DNB,: Dronning Eufemias gate 30, 0191 Oslo, Norway

Account: 1503.43.86940

IBAN NO6815034386940


Baroness Jiselda Salbu