Georgios Kola – Lezha, Lezhë, Albania

Georgios Kola – Lezha, Lezhë, Albania

Artist:George Kola was born in Durres, Albania
He is from Lezhe Albania and currently lived with his family in Fano , Italy.He has studied painting ,lithography and visual arts in Shkoder and Tirana , Albania.George has worked as an art teacher in Lezhe , Albania and Kozan , Greece.Because of political troubles in Albania he moved to Greece in 1991 and has lived there until 2013.He has painted and exhibited his work in both collective and personal exhibitions in many parts of the world in different levels , in galleries and world known museums in Europe , Asia,Africa and the United States ! He is the author and participant of a few ,complete and partial book illustrations that have been published in some countries in different languages as:Albanian, Greek,Italian,French,English,Spanish,German,Portuguese,Norwegian,Turkish,Arabic,Chinese etc.George has received optimistic evaluation from high ranked profesional critics , which in many occasions have been published in the media and art books.George is exhibited in more than 125 collective and personal exhibitions,such as:National Art Galleri in Tirana Alb,(1989)National Exhibition of Folk Culture in Athens , Greece(2009)Art Museum Ny(USA)Larchmont Gallery Ny (USA) Museum of Louvre in Paris, France (2014)Casa Batlo in Barcelona, Spain ,Gallery Scripty in London England(2015)Brazilian Embassy in Oslo Norwegia(2015)Free Arts Gallery in San Marino ,Museum of Louvre in Paris Frace (2015)Naval College San Paolo Brazil(2015)Kulturehuset Banlebanken ,Nordfiordejt(Norwegia2016)Aeroclub San Marino (2016)Brazilian Embassy in Oslo Norwegia(2016)Diocesan Terni Museum in Italy(2016)La Pigna Gallery in Vatican(2016)Museum of Louvre in Paris France (2016)Congress Hall,Canne (2016)Church Museum in Venecia Italy(2017)Diocesan Museum in Terni Italy(2017)Lake Castlle in Terni Italy(2017) Art Museum Taipei in Taiwan (2017)Art Revolution 2017 in Taipei Taiwan(2017)World Trade Centre-UAE in Dubai United Emirates Of Arabia(2017)D’arte Marqui Lopez Gallery in Malaga Spain(2017)Palace of Louvre in Paris France (2017). Some of the foundations that have the right to exhibit and promote George’s work are:Foundation Artists Across Continents in Norwegia , “Linpold ” Foundation in Ny USA, The Proffesor .Konstantinos Fotoadhis in Selanic Greece which has notified that he has exhibited George’s work not only in Greece and its sorroundings but also in Toronto Canada,NY,Chicago(USA)Moscow Russia , Kiew, Ukraine etc.George has been awarded in different levels for his work and his participation with his art ,from which we can mention:Honorary Plaque from the Museum of Kozan in Greece in 1998 for his contribution to the greek culture.First Place at the National Folk Culture Exhibition in Athens in collaboration with the Museum of Ptolomaidhes(2009)Gold Medal at the Brazilian Embassy in Norwegia (18-09-2015)Gold Medal at the Museum of Louvre in Paris (23-10-2015)Gold Medal at La Pigna Gallery in Rome Italy(14-10-2016) From George’s personal exhibitions we can mention:Cultural Centre in Sazani Island in Albania (1988)Historical Museum of Kozan in Greece(1997)National Museum Tirane Albania (2005)Art Gallery Novi Ligure in Italy(2005)Art Gallery , Palazo Robelini in Aqui Terme Italy. Paleontologhical Museum of Ptolomaidha in Greece (2009)Ardiscar Gallery in Malaga Spain (2012) Ducale Palace in Pesaro Italy (2012)Albanian Embassy in Rome (2013)Albani Palace in Urbino Italy(2014) Montanary Library in Fano Italy(2014)Antonelliano Library in Senegal Italy(2014)Art Gallery in Siena Italy.National Museum Tirana Albania(2014) Historical Museum of Kozan in Greece (2014)Alexander Museum Palace in Pesaro Italy(2014)Adragna Gallery in Pesaro Italy(2014)Art Gallery  Banca Delle Marche in Pesaro Italy(2014)San Domenico Gallery in Pesaro Italy (2015) Roca Malatestiana in Fano Italy(2015)Albanian Embassy in Athens Greece (2015) Paleontological Museum of Ptolomaidha Greece(2015)Espace Sallon in Paris France(2014)Albanian Embassy in Brussel Belgium(2015) Municipality of Minori in Salerno Italy(2016)Papal Unicersity Urbaniano in Rome Italy (2016)Saint Giovani Cathedral in Rome Italy(2016)Gandiglio Institution in Fano Italy (2017) Art Gallery of Sansepolcro Italy(2017)Turistic Museum Limone Italy(2017) .George has in progress for the future other exhibitions such as: exhibition in Lisbon Portugal, Nirdefiord Norwegia,and in Paris durin July-August-September of 2017.
Memberships: Artcom Expo International Association of Artists Norway.

Title:Marco with his dog

Title – Mother Teresa of Calcutta – Dimension – 40x45cm-technique mixed on plywood- Price- 2000$

Title – The New Day

Title:Olives 80x120cm-technique mixed on canvas-5000$

Title:In dream

Title:Mother with the child

Title:Performance at Villa Tachi

Title- Romeo and Juliet80x90cm-Tecnique – acrylic on canvas- Price- 3500$

Author: artcomexpo

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