Gracia Balfour, UK

Gracia Balfour, UK

Art Critic:Artist:Lady Gracia Balfour, Dubay, UAE

She is a Brazilian artist and has lived in outside her home country for over 27 years.
She moved to Scotland in late 1988 and has been living full time in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates since 2011.
During her 40 years as a professional artist she has accomplished much and has always kept herself busy getting involved in jewellery classes and also has an Interior Design certificate in 1995 from the Regents Academy of Fine Arts, England.
Tutored by one of Brazil’s greatest artist, Marilia Fairbanks Maciel, Gracia discovered her forte and talent by attending Maciel’s School which was her first introduction to painting.
She has always been actively involved in exhibitions, whether it is sole or participated with other artists, she always has some new work to display.
Gracia does not limit herself to just one particular style of painting, but is always looking to develop and experiment. Her main method is using either oil or acrylic, from landscape to portraits to abstracts; always seeking to learn and develop herself.
Not has she only participated in exhibitions worldwide including two solo exhibitions in Abu Dhabi, she has also taken part of books including, Nos Mulheres , Vol.5 , Realismo Latino, Artists Across Continents to name a few.
Gracia has been in the media for almost 40 years of professional career including Hello! Middle East.
Even in her 60s Gracia has shown no sign of slowing down and is very much still active with painting and selling to some prominent figures in Dubai’s society as well as international clients.
She has participated in the illustrated Book Artist Across Continents -organized by Artcom Expo International Association of Artists 2014.
Exhibitions organized by Artcom Expo Association International of Artists – Embaixada do Brasil em Oslo 2014.
Exhibition organized by Artcom Expo Association International of Artists and Index Dubai 2015-Silver Medal.
Memberships: Artcom Expo International Association of Artists.
To find out more, please check out her website:
Lady Gracia Balfour Space
Gallery Al Jazira

Canvas : 80x80cmts . Acrilico Mista , titulo Ancora

Canvas , 100×100 cm Acrilico Mista : titulo , Transparencia

Canvas , 36×46 ctms , acrilico mista , Impressionism . Titulo Tragetorias

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