Regina Pinto, USA

Regina Pinto, USA

Artist:Regina Pinto, USA
Regina Pinto de Oliveira, was born in Brazil in the state of Rio de Janeiro. From an
early age, at five years old , she already liked to draw.
She was very curious about the shapes and movement of that universe of her childhood
in the suburb of Marechal Hermes.
When she started attending school, she often used to draw in her notebooks the
things that came into her imagination and creativity.
Regina loved drawing her teachers. She created, a novel book that becomes famous
and circulated throughout the school.
At the age of ten, she won a poster contest about The Independency of Brazil,
which was promoted by the Cultural & Education Department from Rio de Janeiro
Regina took classes in oil and watercolor paintings with teaches from Italy and
Spain, and also attended two years of Graphic Designer Course in Estacio de Sa
University in Rio de Janeiro.
In New York Regina attended painting classes at The Art Students League of New York.
In the year 2015 she was the illustrator of the book “Blue meets New York Sam”
written in Portuguese and English. In the year 2015 this book was considered the
book of the year.
In October 2018 she participated in an art exhibition called ” Carrousel du Louvre”
at the Louvre Museum in Paris.
The music and the dance, the variety of culture and tradition all around Brazil and
the expressions and movements of the creatures in combination of the exuberance
nature are fundamental source of her inspiration.
The water element is frequent in her art works. She loves water from the ocean,
waterfall, rivers and rain!
The charm of “Bossa Nova” music style” born in Rio is also definitely part of her
art works.
Regina wants to make of her art something that brings joy and positivity and already
baptized her art with the name: “The Healing Art”.

Face:Regina Pinto Art

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