Rejane Melo, Brazil

Rejane Melo, Brazil

Artist: Rejane Melo, Brazil

Rejane Melo is an Amazonian teacher and plastic artist.
At age 50 he decided to dedicate himself exclusively to Art.
In his Ateliê created for children only, AteliRê Creating and Playing.
It is when she stops being a spectator of the world and passes on giving a new meaning to life with the children.
When she is with the little ones, she is enchanted and the inspiration of her canvases emerge, using all the color that inspires her.
And when inspiration knocks on the door, there is nothing that can quiet her.
Inspiration is the mirror of our being, it is the most incredible vibration we can have. It is purity, it is essence, it is love!
He made his exhibition in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Louvre Museum in Paris, Dubai and in 2018 will be in Dubai and New York.
It was a subject in the magazine Art & Style in Rio de Janeiro.
Member of the Artcom Expo International Association of Artists.

Author: artcomexpo

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