Helen Halstensen Dahl Norway

Helen Halstensen Dahl Norway

Helen Halstensen Dahl and I am a Norwegian artist.

I was born in Oslo, Norway in 1948.                                       

I started to paint when I was 20 years old and I have worked under several art teachers from 1989.  In 1994 I attended Asker Art School in Norway. 

Since 1998 I have been a fulltime-painter and I work in a studio just outside Oslo, together with 12 other artists.

Bjørn Helge Hansen, Artist and Art Pedagogue, has been my mentor from 2001.                                                   

I was admitted to NFUK (the Norwegian Society of Independent Artists) in 2006.                                     In 2013 I became a member of Artcom Expo International Association of artists.

 I work with different media, mostly oil- and acrylic paint, but I have also worked with pastel and mixed media.  My work is figurative.  I do classic oil painting.

Nature is my biggest inspiration and I try to catch the different changes of light in the landscape.    My motives are usually from the sea or up in the mountains and I have a big fascination to the various weather conditions, the dramatic waves and sky formations.  I like to change between the different seasons, from the first sight of spring, to sparkling colours in the fall and further to stormy winter weather. 

We live in a hectic time with much stress and I think it is important that we now and then take a break to see all the beauty that surrounds us.   This will make our life richer.

I am now working on a project called “The 4 seasons” where I paint different items from the Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter season.  “Bulfinch”, “Rocky shores” and “Spring flowers” are examples of this.

I have participated in many exhibitions in various galleries in Norway since 1999, both solo and joint exhibitions.

 In 2013 Several exhibitions organized for Artcom Expo International Association of Artists Norway -:Gallery EcletIica -Spoletto-Gallery Gerard Berizzi, Gallery La Pigna,Roma,
Carrousell du Louvre, Paris.

   In 2014 I will have a solo exhibition in Sweden.

If you want to see more of my work you can look into my website:  www.helendahl.com

Midnightsun. Oil on canva. 120×100

Summer – Rocky shores. Tripticon. Oil on canvas. 180×90.

Springflowers. Oil on canvas. 90×90

Winter – Bulfinch. Tripticon. Oil on canvas. 180×90

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