Luciana M.Werkauser Beilner, Paraguay

Luciana M.Werkauser Beilner, Paraguay

Artist: Luciana M.Werkauser Beilner, Paraguay

My name is Luciana M. Werkauser Beilner, I am Brazilian living in Paraguay.
When I was a child I came across TV the first canvas, it was a landscape of araucarias, I was dazzled, I told my mother that when I grew
up I would paint.
So I started to do fabric paintings because in the village where I lived it was not possible to paint canvas.
As an adult I got married and settled in Paraguay and met the Ateliê Molduarte where I completed my first paintings with my teacher Silvia
Borges graduated in Arts who inspired me.
I am very grateful for art because in my spare time.
I feel with a renewed soul painting canvases, considers a happy plastic artist…

Author: artcomexpo

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