Marta Von Zeidler, Germany

Marta Von Zeidler, Germany

Artist:Marta Von Zeidler, Germany

Born 1970 in Sao Paulo, Brasil, and lives in Berlin, Germany, since 1992 with several trips to the United States.
After brief excursions into the worlds of radio and journalism Marta chose an artistic career and developed her artistic talentlargely self-taught.
The enthusiasm for painting led her from the traditional naturalistic landscape painting towards a highly abstracted and expressionist painting style.
In the center of her painting is the interaction between nature, human psyche and faith.
In her oil and acrylic paintings, the colors and shades of the abstracted nature are an expression of emotions and belief with the impressions of childhood in Brazil having a recurring impact.
Already as a child I loved to draw and paint .
The love of art has been growing in me since the early days.
However, mastering the art autodidactically has often been frustrating but I never gave up and I continued with my experiments.
My source of inspiration are the memories of moments enjoyed in nature.
The freedom of walking barefoot, sitting by the sea, contemplating the beauty of nature, longing for sunny days, long walks in the middle of a virgin forest accompanied by the smell of flowers and caressing the evening dew.
There is not much to say! I seek authenticity, aim for life be overtaken by the sensibility of breaking down barriers caused by fears and negative experiences and search for the essence of life that is within me stripped of conventions.
I express my feelings and values on the screen in an introspective manner.

Author: artcomexpo

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