Margo Calderero, France

Margo Calderero, France



Artist:Margo Calderero, France

“ Each time I work on something, I’m allowing my imagination to lead me.
I let my energy take its course. I combine different media and materials such as sand, soil, fabrics, pigments, pastel, acrylic, oil, canvas, wood,,, etc,,, whatever is necessary to achieve the vision of my art.
I allow myself to get lost looking for perfection, and in the end stumble upon the perfect imperfection.
“ About the artist
She was born and raised in the Philippines. Her parents worked hard to send them to good schools. For her college education, she studied Fine Arts at the University of Santo Tomas.
In a constrained environment replete with limitations, it gave her the drive to shape her creativity, allowing her imagination and fantasy to know no bounds.
Margo’s sense of curiosity and thirst for adventure led her to manifold forms of art, from painting to jewelry and fashion design, from sculpture to culinary art.
She embraced her artistic freedom with the gusto of a true bohemian spirit.
Art breathed beauty and zest to her soul. Moving to France in 1994, raised her two children away from her family.
In a vibrant though unfamiliar, and at times unnerving cornucopia of tastes, forms and sounds.
French culture and traditions have strengthened her personality and identity.
What charts her craft are her travels and experiences through the years. She find beauty in every landscape, seascapes, trees and flowers.
Discovering and understanding different cultures and traditions lead her to express herself fully, finding joys in the cerulean clouds and creating beauty and compassion from people wherever she go.
Atmosphere, scents, colours and taste linger in her memory. They stays in her, and cling on her skin like a lover to her paramour.
She let her artwork narrates its own story, inviting viewers to travel with her, and feel the emotions that she had in the moment of creation.
Art is more than a passion, it is Margo’s way of life.

Author: artcomexpo

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