Ivone Vaccaro, Brazil

Ivone Vaccaro, Brazil

Ivone Vaccaro-she was born with creativity and penchant for some kind of art.
She wants to find a form of artistic expression, with which she identifies.
She likes to experience the joy of doing things with her own hands! Creating!
Today my figurative works express the love of Brazilian miscegenation (white blacks and
Indians that aims to highlight and preserve our culture and its roots.
Cultures Indigenous and Black are among the most beautiful and diverse in the world and inspire artists toget passionate about the topic. The art attracts all attentions.
Ivone Vaccaro manifests it in different forms and techniques, but the artist relies on one
base – her talent.
The painting arouses great fascination, in which the artist explores the maximum. Drawing depicts the human anatomy, and gives inspirations that evoke intimacy in portraying realistic .
She always remain faithful her ability, figurative and abstract to express herself through the colors.
In Goiânia won the contest XXVII foundation Jaime Camara revelation New Values in Fine Arts,
with the Indies Macaws and Arabic.
Since then he has participated in National and International Salons, including Mali Gallery
Villas-Boas, the category picture with Nicole Kidman.
Gold Medal Angelina Julie, in the Hall Vila Lobos in Brasilia by ABACH.
Gold Medal at the International Exhibition Talent in TaoArtGalleryGran, Florida, Miami,
with Black. Among other.
Has extensive exhibits on her resume in
International circuit’s .
Part of AGAV And ACAV Association Candango and Goiás, also from LITERARTE, ABACH Artcom Expo.
Several exhibitions organized by Artcom Expo International Association of Artists -:Gallery
Eclettica -Spoleto-Gallery La Pigna,Honorable Mention to Artist Roma 2013.
She has participated Illustrated Book Realismo Latino-organized for Artcom Expo International
Association of Artists Norway 2013.
Member of Artcom Expo International Association of Artists.
She has participated in the illustrated Book Artist Across Continents -organized by Artcom
Expo International Association of Artists 2014.
Exhibition organized by Artcom Expo Association International of Artists -Embaixada Brasil in
Oslo, 2014.

rua t.30 qd.107 lt,13 sn st.bueno

74210060 goiania go

watzap 62 081449594
artistaivonevaccaro/facebook e instagran



Horses to the sea


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