Maria Luisa Persson, Sweden

Maria Luisa Persson, Sweden

Artist: Maria Luisa Persson, Sweden.
She was born 1945 and raised in the small town of Palmeira dos Indios in the inland of the northeastern part of Brazil. Not many people in her hometown supported her. Contrary actually.
But as the stubborn person she was she didn´t become discouraged and already in the age of 22 she had her first individual exhibition, After that she was invited three times to Teatro Deodoro, a combination of theater and art gallery in Maceio, the capital of the state of Alagoas. Art experts saw in the young and self-taught artist a great talent.
Her paintings at that time were mostly influenced by the environment in which she lived; such as drought, barren land and poverty, but also the good things that can brighten up the most miserable life situtations. But since then she has changed technique and style. However in many of her works one can still imagine the shades from home.
Maria Luisa lives no longer in Brazil. After marriage she moved with her husband to Sweden 1973. There she has continued to paint, but also in about 15 years taught painting within various educational associations.

Maria Luisa has participated in about 60 exhibitions, mostly in Sweden but even in some other countries.,
. Here an excerpt from her exhibition list:

Teatro Deodoro, Maceio, 1967.1968 och 1969, Aero Clube, Palmeira dos Indios, 1968. Pavilion Municipal, Arapiraca. 1969, Galleria do Parque, Recife, 1969, Galleria Flory Menezes, Buzios, 2011.

Art Domain Gallery , Leipzig, 2009, Kunstschaufenster, Bremen, 2010,Marziart Internationale Galeri, Hamburg, 2011,Forum Factory(Galeria Zero), Berlin, 2013.

Galerie, Oberkampf, Paris, 2011.

The Brick Lane Gallery, London, 2010

Galerie, Oberkampf, Paris, 2014

Agora Gallery, New York, 2005

Galeria Zero, Basel, 2015

Galleri Lippert, Taastrup, 2002, Galleri Sigvardsson, Rödby, 2009

Galleri Repslagaregården, Simrishamn, 1982, Kulturhuset Röda Kvarn, Helsingborg , 1984,Konstsalongen, Malmö 2002, Romelegårdens 2002 och 2004, Art Gallery , Stockholm , 2005, Pelles lusthus, Nyköping, 2006, 2007, Hörby museum, 2004Trolleholms slott, 2007,Virsbo konsthall, 2003, 2008, 2015,Galleri Svenshög, Lund,2008, France, Bokenäs konsthall, Trelleborg, 2008.
Memberships: Artcom Expo International Association of Artists 2014.

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A irmã da Nefertite, Oil on Canvas , Dimension 71×77 cm

Eye Olho,Oil in canvas 65×50 cm

Glasäppe och snapsglas – Dimension 50 x 62

Gröna blad – Dimension 42 x 34

Kvinna med parasoll – Dimension 50 x 78

O pintor e o modelo, ost, Dimension 57×76 cm

Passaro Curioso – Dimension 68 x 78 -Oil on canvas

Tiger Eyes Oil in canvas 50×65 cm

Woman with parasol, Dimension 50×72 cm

Kvinna på bänk

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