Eliane Mezari, Brazil

Eliane Mezari, Brazil

Artit:Eliane Mezari, Brazil
Eliane Mezari was born in Brazil, in the state of Paraná and currently lives in Amazonas. She is  a Visual Artist and a Clinical Psychologist.  
As a child she painted, drew, molded figures with clay and mimicked the actress “Greta Garbo”. She used to draw with colored pens with her elder brother in an uninterrupted rehearsal for life. At home, she created scenarios for her own theater plays, using tree branches, fabrics and a small piano.
Still very young in Paraná, she was  awarded a first place prize in a fashion design contest and started selling her sketches to a “Prét-à-Porter” factory.  
At the age of 22, Eliane worked as a furniture designer at a time when drawing boards and a scale rules were used to draw, evidencing her aesthetic and spatial sense, paying homage to her father who designed furniture perfectly. At that same time she was a precursor of teaching fashion design courses in Manaus, through SENAC – National Service for Commercial Studies.
While attending the Psychology course at Lutheran University of Brazil, she held her first exhibition of paintings, entitled “Windows of the Psyche”, where she also sold her abstract engravings. Her look at the soul and the human issues are expressed even these days through poetic references  which She places on her screens at exhibitions.
She likes saying:  “The art becomes yours, as you lay eyes on it.”
Eliane understands that art is in her DNA, because she lives with art, expressed in canvases, photos,  writing and in her unique way of dressing up, in which she creates compositions that range from vintage to semi-futurist models by using flowers , scarves and hats that she likes purchasing on her trips.
Transitioning between her two passions, Art and Psychology, She devoted many years, almost exclusively to Clinical Psychology and her exhibitions were sporadic, but the arts were always present in her daily life, by customizing furniture, creating shop windows, and molding fairies and elves into stones.
She enjoys writing and dancing ballroom dancing, in 2017 she was invited to perform Rita Hayworth at the end of a dance school course, she promptly accepted the invitation and went to stage incorporating a Diva. She likes writing poetry and texts, of a socio-political nature or to make allusions between objects and people, which she publishes on her social networks, always beeing attentive and sensitive look at what is subtle.
In recent years she has spent more time on the plastic arts and has held annual exhibitions. She looks for details with freedom in her creations, she “plays” with inks and uses texture, such as paper, stone, acrylic paint and tissue … She defines her works as plural, on the path to the Abstract Expressionism.
Her exhibitions, previously esporadic, opened space for the enjoyment of all latent art.
The artist participated in international exhibitions:  
In Europe – Vaduz in Liechtenstein, where her work, mainly focused on ecology and automation, will be part of traveling exhibitions through several countries.
New York, in the United States of America, at the international ArteExpo New York 2018, where she had the opportunity to exhibit with hundreds of artists and also at a renowned Art Gallery. 
Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, where she had her work: “Dock of the Cats” awarded in the “Creativity” criteria. She  considers international exhibitions a great opportunity for cultural exchange.
The artist has put on 16 exhibitions among individual and collective ones and intends to take her art to all continents.

Instagram -@vivoartelianemezari  
Facebook – Faço arte Eliane Mezari

Memberships: Artcom Expo International Association of Artists .

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