Solveig Evelyn Hopland, Norway

Solveig Evelyn Hopland, Norway

Artist: Solveig Evelyn Hopland, Norway

She was Born: 1980 in Ålesund.

Lives and works in western Norway; Møre&Romsdal and Sogn&Fjordane.

Solveig celebrates in 2014, her 10th year anniversary as a full time painter/artist.

She holds the Norwegian national- romantic style and the great painters of the renaissance-period close to her heart.

Other topics of importance are the surreal paintings, in which contain thoughts of the big perspective of our existence, where she imply her personal philosophies of what is important in life.

Category of style is less important to her, but to express inner images in whatever technique

Suited, where oil on panels are the main technique.

Fabrics has also been a great fascination ever since childhood. Then designing and sewing dresses for Barbie-dolls and her baby-sister.

Now designing and sewing dresses for herself and others, when time allows in between painting.

Her education is 4 years of upper secondary school, drawing and basic painting.

But mostly she is autodidact.

Her work is represented at Sparebanken in Stryn (Bank), Velledalen Montessori-school in Sykkylven and many Norwegian homes. Both by ordering portraits of people and animals, and choise among art based on her philosophies.


She has arranged several individual exhibitions;

 2012 Gallery LilleMinx, Sykkylven

2011 Stryn Kulturhus, Stryn

2010 Gallery Elvetun, Sykkylven

2007 Stryn Kulturhus, Stryn

2006 Grieghallen, Bergen

2005 Bergen Storsenter, Bergen

2004 Stryn Kulturhus, Stryn

Collective Exhbitions;

2013 Christmas Exhebition, Galleri Artifex, Ålesund

Summer Exhebition, Galleri Mathilde, Skjåk

Galleri Artifex, Ålesund

2012 Summer Exhebition, Galleri Mathilde, Skjåk

Easter-Exhebition, Galleri 104, Sandane.

 2011 Summer Exhebition, Galleri Mathilde, Skjåk

2010 Gamlebanken, Nordfjordeid Summer Exhebition, galleri Mathilde, Skjåk Galleri Artifex, Ålesund.

2009 Summer Exhebition, Galleri mathilde, Skjåk


Membership: Artcom Expo International Association of Artists.


You are welcome to follow her art at www.solveigskunst. net 
and Solveigs Kunst page on facebook


Author: artcomexpo

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