Bruno Cruz de Oliveira, Brazil

Bruno Cruz de Oliveira, Brazil


Artist: Bruno Cruz de Oliveira, Brazil

He was born 04/13/1987 in Brazil.
Phoenix Pyrography
art that rises from the ashes. It is an artistic expression of painting fireworks on wood through pyrography.
I would like to be delivering the art show through the collections that correspond to my works.
There are varied themes between architecture, baroque aryes sacras and others.
I would like to be promoting samples, samples exhibitions between both valuing the pleasures of culture and art, breaking borders across the world. Thanks in advance.
Name: Bruno da Cruz de Oliveira, Brazil
Mother: Eunice da Cruz, Father: Sebastião Rodrigues de Oliveira
(Participations, courses, lectures and exhibitions)
Observation Drawing Promoted by the Casa Aristides School (Atelier of Art and Crafts) of Nova Lima – Minas Gerais – Brazil
Cultural Festival 6 Continents
1st World Cultural Festival, Simultaneous Portuguese-speaking Countries and Communities, having as main objective the promotion and dissemination of Lusophone Cultures. (2019)
Estival Cultura of Nova Lima Escola Casa Artista, Nova Lima – Minas Gerais – Brazil (2019)
Artisanal Product Design “Minas Raízes Project” by the State University of Minas Gerais Gerais – UEMG. 2009
Visual Arts by the Artistic and Technology Training Center – CEFART of the Clóvis Salgado Foundation. 2019
33 São Paulo Biennial at the Palácio das Artes by the Clóvis Salgado Foundation – Belo Horizonte Affective Activities. 2019
Artist Guided Exhibition
Yara Tupinambá – a life in art, works of art from 1957 to 2019 at Galeria Errol Flynn Art Gallery in Belo Horizonte – Minas Gerais – Brazil (2019)
6th and 5th Minas Gerais art meeting promoted by “Beaga Arte”, held at Sou Café do CCBB – Belo Horizonte – Minas Gerais Brazil. (2019)
International Colloquium on Psychoanalysis and Education of Minas Gerais at the UFOP Arts and Convention Center Federal University of Ouro Preto – Minas Gerais – Brazil (2019)
Rome – Life and Emperors
(2011). Caravaggio and his
followers (2012); Baroque Italy Brazil – Silver and Gold (2014); San Francisco in the Art of Italian Masters (2018); Beauty in Motion: icons of Italian design (2019);
Lecture Leonardo da Vinci – 500 years
Fiat House of Culture (2019);
Collaborative Nativity Scene (2020).
Meetings with heritage / Belo Horizonte A City, An Ideal – The Minas Gerais Vocation for Modernity Printed on the Streets of BH (2020)
Fiat House of Culture Belo Horizonte – Minas Gerais – Brazil
International works around the world:
United States, South Africa and Belgium, Belgium, Norway, Turkey, Bangladesh and India.
In Brazil, they were presented and exhibited in the cities of Belo Horizonte, Ibirité, Nova Lima Ouro Preto, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Author: artcomexpo

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