Book: Artists Across Continents 2024 -5th Edition Red / Artcom Expo

Artists Across Continents 2024 – V Edição Red / Artcom Expo
Artists Across Continents V Red Edition – The chosen color will be red: love, passion, energy and excitement. Special Edition Nº 05 / – 2024 REGISTRATIONS OPEN: MATERIAL SHIPPING: Until August 30, 2024. REGISTRATION OPEN: Book- V Special Edition: Artists Across Continents 2024 Launch October 2024, and in all countries followed by exhibitions. We invite everyone to the next edition, 2024 It will be another success 400 euros / and we divide it into installments. / Dream come true another year. .V Special Edition Artists Across Continents 2024 Videos from other editions – … — with Jiselda Salbu and Hans Arnt Salbu. ARTISTS ACROSS CONTINENTS 2024 – Red Edition – V Volume – The color of Love, passion, energy and excitement. It is a privilege for: Artcom Expo International Association of Artists- Cultural – Scandinavia – Europe – Latin America – The World – Since 04/07/2012 – Registration number – 997 477 154 – ARTCOM EXPO INTERNACIONAL_– It is a non-profit Art, Culture and Literature entity that exerts a strong influence on the national and international artistic panorama. Artcom Expo International Association of Artists will publish the V Edition of the Book Artists Across Continents 2024, with Artists from several Continents. Below is the proposal with the information necessary for your participation. ARTISTS ACROSS CONTINENTS 2024 – V Red Edition – The color red means love, passion, energy and excitement. Edition Nº 05 / – 2024 REGISTRATIONS OPEN: MATERIAL SHIPPING: Until August 30, 2024. Artists Across Continents, this is a hardcover book printed in a fine finish on 130 g silk paper and Special Edition in English in 21 x 29.7cm format. Initially, we will have 50 places available for artists from all over Latin America and Europe, with the number of places expected to be gradually increased depending on the number of artists joining. Will be sent and distributed to Art Galleries, Museums and Art Foundations in Brazil and abroad and Embassies, enabling great visibility and a wonderful dissemination of your work in the National Art market and Internationally, a printed edition marks and records your work forever, and you can help turn dreams into reality. Publisher- Renessanse Media – Norway Artists who participate in Book Artists Across Continents 2024 will each receive 1 copy of the Book with postage costs on their behalf. If you wish to obtain more copies, they will be sold separately with postage costs borne by the artist. STANDARD DOUBLE PAGINATION: (Two pages per artist) Each artist will have an exclusive DOUBLE page on Artists Across Continents, first page containing his photo, and biography in English, and on the second page the artist can place 4 images (see example of the attached pages). And an image for the back cover. Total 5 photos. THE BACK COVER of ARTISTS ACROSS CONTINENTS (see example of the Cover attached). The color of the cap chosen for this year is Red. Creator of the project and General Coordination: Baroness Jiselda Salbu 19th Urene, 6730 Davik Norway Contact: Norway / Jiselda Salbu / WhatsApp- TELS:+47-97907611/ or Hans Salbu +47-47413621 email: WEBSITE: or –