Mariângela Rettore, Brazil

Mariângela Rettore, Brazil

Artist:Mariângela Rettore, Brazil
Since her childhood, Mariângela Rettore had a great talent for the plastic arts.
In 1982 she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Plastic Arts by Guignard School, from Minas Gerais State University (UEMG).
She also attended a specialization course in Creation Drawing, Painting, Engraving and Live Modeling at the same university. She took part in the Visual Art group project Amilcar de Castro, opening herself to drawing on canvas.
This experience changed her perception of the neo-concretist art, which makes itself present in her work until today.
After some years dedicated on the group, she started the fabric imprinting – what she has been doing for over a decade – following the fashion and the market trends, always valuing the art and the development of new technics and styles.
It was of utmost importance for her growth as an artist, because this experience made possible the applicability of the art in pieces of clothing, promoting the use of art broadening. She was responsible for signing contracts with big labels and brands.
She took part in several national and international exhibitions during a her career.
Nowadays her painting gets inspired with the natural resources, following a nexus between the figurative and the abstract, what allows her, in many of her pieces of art, her exploitation in a playful way and the magnitude of interpretations by the viewers.
2018- Suisse Friburgo-Galerie Cathédrale-Créativité de la médaille

Forest Atantic

Exuberant nature



Forest Atlantic



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Save the corals II

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