María Esther Franco de Salinas, Teca / Paraguay

María Esther Franco de Salinas, Teca / Paraguay

Artist: TECA, Paraguay

María Esther Franco de Salinas.
Place of birth: Pedro Juan Caballero-Amambay-Paraguay-Border with Ponta Porã MS-Brazil 13/09/53.
Studies: Colegio Parroquial Rosenstiel in Pedro Juan Caballero -Paraguay.
Address: Joaquim Pereira Teixeira 95-centro-Ponta Pora MS Zip Code 79904-606 Brazil.
She began to paint 22 years ago . oil on canvas.
She dedicates his free time to painting that he does with much love.
She held workshops with Professor Silvio Duarte.
She is currently a student of Professor María Aparecida Sehnem.
I participate in the following exhibitions:
2014- “Art of the University- Brazilian International Art Circuit” Vienna-Austria Latin America Institute enCler Ken

Gallery.London England at Paula Museum.
2015: “Art of the University-International Circuit of Visual Arts –
Jose Rodrigues Foundation, Porto-Portugal, Bucharest-Romain.
2016: “Art of the International University-Circuit of visual arts” Union of Bulgarian Artists in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Embassy of Brazil in Oslo, Norway.
Cultural Center in Santi Domingo – Dominican Republic.
2018: “All at once” Convention Center in Ponta Porã Basil.

Author: artcomexpo

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