Monica Vega, Spain

Monica Vega, Spain

Artist: Monica Vega, Spain
Autodictada-Artist abstract And Surrealist -Artesan
She as born in São Bernardo do Campo.S.P-
Daughter of José Carlos Vega And Lázara Vega ,the father a also renowned artist .
At age 13 They moved to the winner city Araras in São Paulo, Monica follower the carrier of her great father,as a child the father
teaching diferents techniques in wood,resines acrílics And oils.
She start a professional work in São Paulo capital in Brás to paint jeans textiles And shirts for a lot diferents shops.
And the same time She married And moved to Buzios,Rio de Janeiro,were She Have one guesthouse front to the beach And one litle
She continue paint And gave lessons to kids and students to the city…her house is neigbours the very famous Cândido Portinari and
Brigitte Bardot were She Take a lot inspiracion to many great artists who later Have to espressed thankfullness to her .
Today she lives in Spain were She continue her carrier as an artist.
In 2014 became member of Artcomexpo internacional Associacion of ArtistS.
2014 participanting in several exibiriam in:
Embasy do Brasil in Oslo-
Art shopping Carrossel Du Louvre –
Galery Artebo in Bolognha -Criativity Medal .

Artwork ,Pineal Florest Kundalini Technique Oil and Acrilic on Canvas Dimension 50×70

Artwork .Storm Shine Of True Colours Technique Oil and Acrilic in Canvas-Dimension 50×70

Author: artcomexpo

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