Olga Vatkova, Bulgaria

Olga Vatkova, Bulgaria

Artist:Olga Vatkova, Bulgaria

I was born in the small Russian town – Chusovoi, Perm Region, in 05/12/1968. But my childhood passed in Kostanay-city, in Kazakhstan, where I started drawing at 3 years old.
Later I began to attend a visual studio in the Children’s Home of Creativity, where I studied for 5 years. In 1984 I entered a teacher training college in Perm.
In 1988 I graduated from college with excellent diploma. I continued my studies in 1988-1993 in Almaty (Kazakhstan), at Almaty State University.
I received a diploma of higher education in the profession, «Teacher of Fine Arts and Drawing». I studied at the university and at the same time worked as an artist at the Puppet-Theater, in Kostanay, Kazakhstan.
In 1995, my family moved to Russia, to the Chelyabinsk-city. The time has come when the circle of my professional interests has changed. Instead of drawing came psychology.
For a long time I worked as an assistant professor in the department of psychology at the Chelyabinsk State Pedagogical University.
This required additional education. In 2000 I got a degree in pedagogy. In 2015, I graduated from the Faculty of Psychology, having received a master’s degree in educational psychology.
Since 2015 I live in Bulgaria, in the Pleven. Here, for the first time in many years, renewed passion for painting. Watercolor captured me, and from that moment it became an integral part of my life.
In October 2015, my first solo watercolor exhibition was held. I participate in international and national exhibitions. The theme of my watercolors is diverse.
In my work there is a place for landscapes and multi-figured compositions. I draw plots for pictures from nature, the plant world, and from the life of ordinary people.
Flowers especially inspire me. This is fertile ground for creating watercolors. Characteristic features of my work: interest in small details, complex gradients, subtle transitions of one color to another, careful study of fragments.

1988 – Pedagogical College, «Teacher of Fine Arts and Drawing», Perm, Russia
1993 – Kazakh National Pedagogical University, «Teacher of Fine Art and Drawing», Almaty, Kazakhstan
2015 – Chelyabinsk State Pedagogical University, Faculty of Psychology, Master; Chelyabinsk, Russia

2016 – 8 Biennial of Small Forms, Pleven, Bulgaria
2016 – First Solo Watercolor Exhibition, Pleven, Bulgaria
2017 – National Exhibition «Ludogorie», Razgrad, Bulgaria
2017 – Second Solo Watercolor Exhibition, Pleven, Bulgaria
2017 – Regional Exhibition of Artists-Teachers, Pleven, Bulgaria
2018 – 9 International Bienal of Small Forms, Pleven, Bulgaria
2018 – Third Solo Watercolor Exhibition, Pleven, Bulgaria
2019 – National Exhibition «Ludogorie», Razgrad, Bulgaria
2019 – Fourth Solo Watercolor Exhibition, Pleven, Bulgaria
2019 – II International Triennial «Watercolor&Spirit», Varna, Bulgaria
2019 – National Exhibition Painting «Create Together», Sevlievo, Bulgaria
2020 – IWS Pakistan; 3 International Watercolor Biennale «Pearls of Peace Season I I I», Pakistan, Hiderabad, AR Nagori Gallery
2020 – National Exhibition of Women Artists (Nomination), Sevlievo, Bulgaria
2020 – Fabriano Festival Acquerello 2020
2020 – IWS Palas Lusjia, «Personality through watercolor», Poland

Facebook-groups Exhibitions
2019; Facebook-group and Online Gallery IOMAC Bangladesh, Dhaka
2020, may – Facebook-group and Online Gallery IOMAC Bangladesh, Dhaka a
2020, September – Facebook-group and Online Gallery IOMAC Bangladesh, Dhaka
2020 – September – Shilpi Gallery, Odisha, India
2020 – 10 October – International Online Art Exhibition on the Occation of the 26th Death Anniversary of the World famous Artist S.M.Sultan, Bangladesh
2018 – March, the Online Watercolor Contest «Watercolor Without Rules» for the prize of the Publishing House «Mann, Ivanov and Farber», Moscow, Russia
2018 – June, Online Watercolor Painting Contest «World of Watercolor» for the prize of the publishing house «Mann, Ivanov and Farber», Moscow, Russia

•Mondial Art Academi (France)
•Group of artists of the Pleven (Bulgaria)
•Group IWS-Bulgaria (International Watercolor Society, clone Bulgaria)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100013928861305

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