Sónia Domingues -France

Sónia Domingues -France

Sónia Domingues – Plastic Artist* Designer* &  Glass Painter*

Was born in France.
She was still a young girl when she came to Portugal and soon in her life the Arts assumed an important role.
At the age 14 she was invited to partake on what would be her first and greatest collective Exhibition which allowed this young artist to reveal herself in the magnificent universe of art.
At the age of 16 she was even more certain that the Arts would play an Important role in her Professional and Personal life, so she started to learn more about it and got specialized in several artistic styles… aiming to improve and innovate her Dynamic Art Style.
Her constant Journeys abroad allowed her to acquire new Products and Pigments which made it possible for her to accomplish the effects of the dreams.
Since then, she has been requested to cooperate with some Companies in the Luxury Furniture and Decorating Industry, while exhibiting her works of art in Individual and Collective Exhibitions.
In January of 2012 Sónia Domingues, was chosen to Exhibit her art in Paris at the Salon Internacional de l’Art Contemporain – L’Espace St. Martin. Her style and own artistic vision were very much appreciated which enabled her to receive the “Diplome D’Honeur – Art et
Design” for her Glass Sculpture “Sphères Vibrantes”.
In June 2012, the Work Sculptural ”Diamond ” in partnership with ” Sergio Gomes – Eclectic Furniture ” was on exhibition in Porto – OportoShow *
In September 2012, the Work Sculptural ”Diamond” in Exhibition, this time at the Maison et Objet * – Paris *
Still in September 2012, performs ” Monarch Butterfly ” – Portuguese Guitar at the invitation of Malabar – Emotional Design Showcase – ”Porto – Jewelry”*
In October 2012, again at the invitation, performs Arts & Chromatic Effects in the Lampstand ” Brillo – World Architects’ Exhibition at the ” Lisbon Design Show ” – FIL *
In December 2012, the Work ” Monarch Butterfly ” in exhibition at the  ‘House Project” – Event Architecture & Design, at Exponor*
Still in December 2012, at the invitation of the same brand, held another Artistic Intervention, ” Korea – Guitar ” Exhibition at the – ” Seoul – Korea – Exhibition and Convention Center ” – Seoul – Korea.
In January of 2013 she was nominated by the LUX Magazine in Art’s Category for the “Artistic Personality” of the year 2012 prize.
At invitation in June of 2013, of the same year, submitted a “New Form of Expression” – in Musical instruments, namely the “Portuguese Guitar” in Spoleto – Italy.
In September 2013, also invited, exposed a connection of Screens and Artistic Portuguese Guitars, in the Carrousel du Louvre – Paris.
In October 2014, he exhibited at Carrousel Du Louvre, the André Rieu* works – “Mon Visage en Cire et Vitraux” and Johnny Halliday* – “Le Monde Dans ma Guitare”.
Between exhibitions she also makes her own on demand Personalized Works of Art.
“Sonny’s Art” can be found in Portugal (Continental and Islands) as well as in many European Countries.
At the moment new projects are being developed in France and in Latin America.


STYLE: Diversified – from Classic to Contemporary, from Figurative to Abstract geometry until the surrealism… depending on the inspiration or interest and the person who request the work.
* She have a predilection for “Art Noveau” and do “Stained glass painting”, bringing a new insight in to the Decorative Glass.
EFFECTS: Clear and bright colours and cristaline reliefs are essential attributes of all of her works. Certified pigments/inks guarantee that the longevity of the work is not at stake.
PROJECTS: Due to a bubbling creative nature, she always wishes to create different themes and shapes. In this way, all of her  projects are created from the root, personalised, always taking into account the lines/style of the work, as well as the customer’s personal taste.
GOALS: Making dreams come true, encouraging and lifting the life/housing of everyone who acquires her works.
* Diplôme D’Honeur – Art et Design* – 2012
Salon Internacional de L’Art Contemporain – “Echo de L’Universel” au Space Saint Martin – Paris
– Esculpture en Verre et Peinture sur Verre – Sphéres Vibrantes*
* Nominated by the LUX* Magazine for – Artistic Personality of 2012.
* Certificato* – Italia Ti Voglio Bene*  Galleria Eclettica – Spoleto – Itália – 2013
Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte Contemporanea* – Chitarre* – “Sogni Musicali” e “Farfalla Monarca” Tecnica Mista com Cristalli Swarovski*

* Diplôme D’ Honeur* – Carrousel du Louvre – Paris* – 2013 Exposition d’Art Contemporain – «Connexion Art Brèsil – France»
– “Femme Sculptural de Sel, des Océans” – sur Toile*
– “Femme Sculptural – Pierre – Marbre- Verre de les Océans” – sur Toile*
Guitare – “ Univers Musicaux”
Guitarre – “Papillon Monarque”

* Diplôme D’ Honeur *
– Carrousel du Louvre – Paris* – 2014
– Johnny Halliday*
”Le Monde Dans ma Guitare”
‘ Avec ma Guitare*Je vois le Monde sur mon Lunettes de Soleil Miroir ‘
Technique Mixte sur Toile*
– André Rieu*
”Mon visage en Cire et Vitraux”
Technique Mixte sur Toile*


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